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Years ago I got clean & sober but was on methadone. I

Customer Question

Years ago I got clean & sober but was on methadone. I ended up getting pregnant & the methadone clinic refused to take my dose down, luckily I was only on twelve milligrams through the pregnancy with my daughter and everything went well, plus I stayed
in a program for support. When my daughter was born at 9 lbs. She breast Fed & detoured off of the methadone with me with no problems & no withdraw. Soon after my Grandfather asked me to move in with them my grandmother was I'll & my grand father later got
cancer. My two daughters & I lived their, I put my daughters through Private Christian School, I was a.Sunday school teacher at our church for twelve years. I was totally devoted to my family, children, and God, no dating, no debt. Then my Grandfather got
really sick with.cancer, it was hard, I was with him when he died, shamefully I relapsed on his morphine. I acquired a habit to pain meds and eventually ended up on methadone detox again. My pastor died, I freaked out and went to the local pub one night suffering
extreme insomnia. There I met and fell in love with Nick. Nick &his girlfriend were broke . Nick had just gotten out of prison for beating woman I did not know. He told me he was a fire man. Actually him and his girlfriend were looking for an older woman to
support them . I was so stupid. I got pregnant. He moved into our home to help, I told him I could not raise another fatherless children alone. I was not allowed to be in ministry anymore, being a disgrace & all. I dealt with it. I went to all my appointments
alone, out of fear I stopped going to the clinic and got on ten milligram pills. I didn't tell anybody. Anyway Nick became abusive, he blatantly belittled me & even though I told him it wasn't safe for us to have sex if he was sleeping around he promised he
wasn't. When I went into pre labor & went to the doctor I found out he had given me chlamydia in the last week he finally admitted it but said he got it from a prostitute downtown meanwhile he got another DUI, etc. I kicked him out. I was alone the rest of
the time through labor, he showed up drunk with his friends after my son was born. I came up positive for methadone & they took my baby away from me and gave him to Nick & his family who were suppose to let me see my son, and let me breast feed. They didn't.
I eventually got joint custody, Nick didn't care he was the boss a tyrant, he set me up sabotaged me and now him and his girlfriend left San Diego again. I left so much out but I get so upset . I swear they tried to kill me , I will never prove it. Nick is
cruel. I need to find my son . I need help. I have lost everything hi
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.

I am afraid that we do not understand what you are specifically asking us after reading everything you posted above (please do not re-post the same thing, we read that already). Can you please tell us specifically what your question is for us about your situation above?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I tried to start from the beginning to give you an idea of what was going on with me, it seems whenever someone here's about my drug problem they automatically hate me and don't believe a word I say, as if I have no soul or ability to be a good parent. When in fact I fought an unimaginable battle, within myself, the world, and an entire Italian family that wanted me dead and gone. Nobody will ever know how hard it was for me while I was pregnant but I loved my son more then must and I sang and prayed for him constantly, which is why I know is the reason we have such a strong connection. I never once chose drugs over my son- that is what his father is constantly telling him and the world, his teachers, doctors , all of which he won't let me me meet. When I did meet them and we actually talked, he would move and take my son out of that school. It's been like this from the beginning. My son begged me to do something so he could be with me, but Nick just grabbed him and left and I haven't seen him since. Nick used sex for a long time as well. I couldn't see my son unless I took care of daddy, he said they were a package deal, I wasn't allowed to see my son without Nick. My son is afraid of his dad & I could tell he wants to talk to me but he can't. I don't know what to do. Nobody cares. Woman think Nick is amazing for being a single dad and racing a son, but Nick hasn't been single for one minute since my son was born. Nick has had fits in a restaurant once and threw a tray of food at me, and then made it seem as if I did it, he even had my son convinced I actually did it. I'm not allowed at his grandmother's house because his girlfriend got drunk and loud and stupid, so he told everyone it was me. That's just an example. After he beat me up he got a restraining order against me, even said I put broken glass in his grandmother's driveway. I have to have supervised visits because he told the judge I left the country with my daughter when she was a baby, a lie, I was in Germany with my husband and the American Embassy helped us get home because my husband tied me up and kept me against my will. It's all documented. Nick and his girlfriend left California right after court and went to Arizona, I have no idea where they are now. ***** *****ved with me for years when Nick was partying and dating, I potty trained him, and everything, but it's not documented because Nick was getting welfare for him. I want my son. I need to know he is ok. Please I am begging you. I will do anything
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for your reply.

Please do not beg us, because legally we cannot represent you nor can we do any type of private investigative work, which seems to be what you are seeking.

You need to engage a local private investigator to find them, we cannot do that from this site.

You are not being charged and do not leave any feedback for this question, you can get your deposit refunded by contacting customer service at

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
This is very hard for me because I know my son loves his daddy, and even his step mom. I would never try to keep my boy from his family and friends- but I also have witnessed the oppression and abuse that goes on and it scares me, I am so worried about my baby boy I cry everyday when I see a commercial with a child, or big things like birthdays and holidays. I don't understand. I would never do anything like this, it's cruel and unusual torture. The last time I saw my son he played with my hair and caressed my face and told me he loved me over and over again. He cried and was so sad, he wouldn't let go of my neck when it was time to go-to he must have known he wasn't coming back. For some reason every gift I've given my son they have sold. My son has musical talent and loves the guitar and piano, I wanted him to have the best, ***** ***** sold them. It must have crushed him I feel so bad- I made it even harder for him it breaks my heart and I feel it all over my body that aches for him always, you can't imagine. Nobody cares
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for your reply.

I am not telling you this because I do not care, I am telling you this because state laws will not allow us to represent you and that is what you need.

I understand your frustration with the situation, but you are going to need to hire a local private investigator and then likely a local attorney and we just cannot do either from this site and that is why I told you above that you can get a refund of your money for your deposit from customer service.