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I was on gavapention / and was also on it week/plus diloted

Customer Question

I was on gavapention /for pain and was also on it for a week/plus diloted proczack
/srequil/most important I was being abused by neighbor since 3-28-15/metally tormented ./hate crime ("You Fat f**king TRol'l)-(YOU Fat f**king DYKE/HER FAVORIOT was"YOU c**t"(IAM ging to end your life as you know it )GOING TO KILL YOU I hate you FAT BIG on and on and still going on .IN that time I was totally out of my mind -feafull of every one and I was doing things that were ab normal for my person /THan it gets worse I than started to get absed physical /from puckets water to not letting me in apt to watching here demolish my work as a handie man /caretaker for 4 apts/iam a victom and I do this day go to other stores and iam trying to rescue things and puts items in safe place so she couldn't get them iam aware of it so I have warned all the stoes I go in to please check me cause my mind is not right and iam not at all a thief I have a nice retirement plan and I never steal any thing ..I go to 7 different store and they all take good and care of me sss they understand my disabilitys /As far as I can say in 1991 was the last time I did a crime /beat up officer/drugs with intent .did my time and when I got out I have been law abiding citizen /I can write or read much so I need to ask ////I cant remember store it was and I I cant remember all it I remember being in cop car vagle I some how got home cant remember /that is also my disability short term memory /I also have addh really bad so my mind id not all that great /my doctor told me to stop the meds and they are known for some peeps will use them and cant remember things just more to add to my diabiltys ..iam mscared to leave my apt ...neighbor still stalking and iam very un certain of my action since 5-01 15 till aug 5 15/iam getting help from dotor /juged granted me a no contact oder restaining order also and a no harresment order just was done on aug 17 15 //my neighbor keeps fighting the evictons I have a parner whos is dying of cancer and so much more she made this place are home if you will /I had no support from ny one cause I hide my emtion and went into my closet to be safe I put my cat in boxex in boxes so iam incompant at this time and even when I do get over this trama /I ended up with ptramicic system and I just blocked out may til aug ..I rember at some point to pay for it when I was put in the gage and things were being slapped out my hand and keeped I know I was set up by the neibor lady I think I cant recall I got court and my friend is driving me I don't know what to say ty Vicki(###) ###-####//safe place so keep this number in reappps ty
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 1 year ago.
My name is ***** ***** I will be assisting you with your question.
Have you been charged with a criminal offense? If so what?