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In Texas, 2nd marriage, sold my house and lived on my money

Customer Question

In Texas, 2nd marriage, sold my house and lived on my money 2nd husband only put a roof over my head, sold my car to give me a cheaper one, he paid for the gas and ins. while
married he paid ins on house and cars. He died (09-20-10) I paid for a deck, new furniture
redone the house looks like a million now. He had a will and his money and house was divided 3 ways. 2 adopted daughters and me. I am living in the house till I can't do it anymore or die. I pay all the taxes on the place the 2 girls pay 1/3 of the insurance Only
because the house is paid for and if it burned to the ground the one paying the ins. would
get all the money and I could run away with it and not rebuild That is why they are helping\
with the ins. I am trying to keep it up but with 1300.00 ss how can I do it. Is there anyway
I could get the house out right? I think I have earned it. I spent over 70,000.00 fixing the place up while we were married for 17 years. I am about to give up.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Alex J. Esq. replied 2 years ago.
Hello. My name is ***** ***** I will be happy to answer your question.
I am sorry to hear about this unfortunate situation.
Generally, the only way for someone in similar situation to gain sole ownership of the house is to buy out the other heirs, since the house was purchased prior to the marriage to the deceased owner, however, it might be possible to require the other two co-owners to contribute to maintenance and upkeep of the house and if they refuse, then a lawsuit could be filed to compel the co-owners to contribute to the maintenance and upkeep of the house.
I wish you the best of luck!
Expert:  Alex J. Esq. replied 2 years ago.
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Thank you and good luck!