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2 years ago, my partner and I put down 30,000 to move into

Customer Question

2 years ago, my partner and I put down 30,000 to move into an apt in Manhattan in NYC on 19th and !0th in Chelsea. we moved in and were in the apt for 15 days, when I accidentally ingested a bottle of what I thought was a sports drink that was in the refrigerator, but was some sort of chemical, I was rushed to the hospital and almost died from the incident .. after I returned from the hospital and tried to enter my apt, I was told by the door man that the landlord, Michael Lastoria, instructed them that we were being evicted and we were not allowed back into our place. We left and were forced to stay in hotels. They then called us to pick up our personal items they removed from the apt and dumped into the public parking garage, by the time we got there to pick up our stuff much of it was broken, destroyed or missing... we tried to fight him on this but the eviction was financially devastating and then i'v been battling cancer for the last year, so we have never been able to get our deposit back or retributions from the months we spent until we were able to get into a new place. my question is, is it too late to try and get our money back from the eviction?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Sam replied 1 year ago.
This is Samuel and I will discuss this and provide you information in this regard.
I am sorry to hear of your situation and your health at this time.
The NY Statute of Limitations for bringing a breach of contract - your lease was broken for no solid and good reason - is 6 years. So you have time to file a breach of contract lawsuit - yes.
Please note that I can only provide information for what you ask. In that regard, if you have other questions or need clarification, please post them here. Otherwise, I appreciate your Positive Rating as that is how I get credit for my time and information.
If you received an invite to participate in a phone call, that is automatically generated by this site. I do not participate in phone calls offered by this site, but we can continue here.
Thank you

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