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I've lived here 12 years, 12 month leases, got a 30 day

Customer Question

I've lived here 12 years, 12 month leases, got a 30 day notice--illegl--go a three month lease "reprieve" MUST be OUT end of sept. Am too ill/disabled to move right now. Medically unstable, cannot do it. will move, when able to, but MUST pursue possible brain tumor, other serious things happening--losing vision quickly, been very ill 3 years. On wait lists to go to senior housing, cannot AFFORD to move, much less multiple times, but landlords put in writing I am too disabled to live in their unit--am devaluing their property, right down to demanding my meds/doctors/illnesses, etc. Harrasing and demanding progress reports on moving. Cannot lose housing voucher to an eviction, but I really am in no shape to move, especially just anywhere--am too weak/vulnerable. Can we make them let me stay until medically/physically stable/fit to move? Landlord is an attorney. I've never been late on rent. Everyone else gets to live here until they die, why can't I? Went on palliative care, is when they knew were going to put me out--about 1.5 years ago--I need more TIME. I cannot see, drive, walk, eat, do anything much fr self. Have been on home care almost 7 years. They knew I was disabled/sick. Why the urgency to get me out? and change in attitudes? Lots going on I don't understand. wont let one door be ramped--trapped inside if by myself. and cannot use moldy furnace or dishwasher, etc. Can we make them let me stay until medically more able to attempt a move and go somewhere safe for me? Need more time and less stress. Had numerous strokes already, any more and I won't be able at all, or I will be dead. Doctor's furious--I need medical care--not to be moved--in wheelchair as it is. Beyond legally blind. Have no clue what to do, or CAN do. I've never been given notice TO move! My body does not work like regular people's. Takes me forever to do one thing. Moving? Is like Mt. Everest--impossible. Plus, on disability--who can afford $4,000 to move?? I will go, just as soon as I am stable and not risking major stroke/death to do so. PLEASE--why the rush? Been like this for a long time. Not putting others out because they are old/fall..I am no harm to anyone--I'm in a hospital bed almost all the time. No stove. Nothing. On oxygen 24/7--they let neighbor SMOKE who was on oxygen! PLEASE tell me there is a way to stop the gladius that is getting too close to neck!
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Loren replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for using JustAnswer. I am Loren, a licensed attorney, and I will do whatever I can to answer your question and provide excellent service.
Before I answer a bit more detail would be helpful.
Do you currently have a written lease in effect? If so, when does it expire?
Why does the landlord want to terminate your tenancy?
Thank you