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I have a question..I went into Verizon wireless store in the

Customer Question

Hi good morning I have a question..I went into Verizon wireless store in the city of Fontana ca to ask for information regarding a Bus
siness telephone line they told me they had that kind of service and end up selling me a bunch of devices, when I went I told them I need it a land line becouse that is the kind of service I need for my business so they made a 2 year contract.I took all teh devices they game me and everything seemed to work just fine,until I had to order a Credit card machine for the card transactions and the line seemed dint work so i went to the store to see why the line wasnt working with the machine and they told me I had the wrong line becouse the line i had was wireless that I need it other company wich was Verizon comunication..they dont want to cancel the contract unless I pay the penalties for early cancelation and I told them I wasnt my foult they gave me that service, my question is; is something I can do to cancel that contract or can I take them to small claim court to get all the money I paid for a service I dint get ?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 2 years ago.

You can try taking them to small claims court (, the cause of action is going to be "fraud in the inducement" - they made a material misrepresentation to you that you reasonably relied upon. (See CA Civil Code 1689:

You can try writing a demand letter (the link to the small claims advisor site above gives you a template) to Verizon threatening litigation and giving the above civil code section, prior to filing suit to see if they will reverse their position.