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Sorry this is so: I was attacked while entertaining at a

Customer Question

Sorry this is so long:
I was attacked while entertaining at a popular family resort by an angry father of a volunteer I had on stage whom I ask to go back into the audience and said I would have her up for the next trick. Anyway after I have another volunteer on stage a muscle bond man jump on stage cursing and threatening me that I need to apology to his daughter after the show. I stop the show and can't find the DJ, when he comes back, he says continue the show. I do my next trick with 12 kids on stage; do the rest of my act and right before the end a huge guy; well over 6 feet and 350 pounds jump on stage and threatens me; saying I am going to apology to his niece and they are going to make me apology after the show. NO security was present for second attack, only employee was maybe young female bartender in next room. Anyway management came ask me to do 1 last trick, I composed myself and did. Then when going to leave the first attacker came around back when I was loading my equipment, at this point A employee janitor was present and GM went and talked with the guest. I call the police but did not have them come GM escorted my vehicle and me out of resort.
The resort is asking if I will come back to perform but I don't want to work there every again, I am missing 3 days work about $2000. Can I get back loss of wages, if I don't want to perform there.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello Here is email I sent to Resort,
Just to let you know my day job is working as a circus education specializes teaching k-6th graders. Last year I was awarded a certificate for 10 years of excellence teaching autistic and mental challenged students in the Greater East Hampton Union Free School District for treating children with kindness and respect.
your guest acted inappropriately not me, I am not the one that needs to apologies here. whatever he thought I might have done, does not excuse him scaring the little girl that was on stage with me at the moment he decides to try and attack me and freaking out the whole audiences. He used profanity in front of an family audience, acted violently, and threaten me with violence in front of many kids and adults. How is he going to apologies to all those families? I am sorry if there daughter was bullied but that does not mean they should bully me.
XXXX resort should have never let second guest come and intimidate me on stage and first guest should not been allowed to come around back. I felt threaten and still do. Should have had the police come they would have been a official report and the police would know both parties involved. I am sure it is better for XXXX resort that the police didn’t come. Not sure if it was better for me. I am a public performer. who are these crazy people? are they going to come after me? my family? I know “the guest is always right” but I really didn’t feel like XXXXX resort had my back last night.
Expert:  Sam replied 2 years ago.


This is Samuel and I will discuss this and provide you information in this regard.

To be clear, you want to sue the host resort for your lost wages because you are concerned for your safety if you perform there again?

Are they aware of the situation when you were on stage?

In your performance contract, are there any provisions about how they will furnish "security" or is it mentioned at all?

Have you sent that letter to the resort, yet? Is there a response?