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Went to court on a credit card debt from 2010. Razor Capital

Customer Question

went to court on a credit card debt from 2010. Razor Capital LLC got a judgement final. Now I am not disputing I owe the money but I defaulted on the credit card from lost wages at the time Now I am only making 10 dollars an hour and still can not pay them. This is my question, the sent me a Fact Information Sheet, which I have no problem filling out but they want a copy of the deed to my house, my house is not solely in my name and my boyfriend does not think his name should be turned over to this company. We are not married and our incomes are not joined, I pay this expenses on what we need at the home and he pays the mortgage. We also have separate checking accounts except for one we have together that we both put money throughout the year for our property taxes.
Please advise, I contacted LEGAL HERE in Florida but have not heard back I will go to there office Monday - tomorrow.
Judy XXX
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  LegalKnowledge replied 2 years ago.

Good morning. Upon the award of a final judgment a creditor can ask the court to order the judgment debtor to complete a Fact Information Sheet and return it to the creditor, with related documents, within 45 days. The debtor must sign the Fact Information Sheet under oath, and intentional misstatements or omissions may be subject to perjury. The Rule requires the debtor to supply with the Fact Information Sheet financial documents including tax returns, deeds, and car titles. The purpose of this is to find out what you assets are and if you truly can not afford to pay the debt or just failing to do this. The party is likely going to try to garnish any income or accounts, to satisfy the judgment. Even though your boyfriend is on title to the home, it still needs to be named since it is an asset. Moreover, this is pubic information and is recorded, so it is not as though they would not be able to see this. I understand you do not want to involve him but having a shared/joint account or ownership interest does not mean you do not need to list it.

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