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My contractor placed a false lien against me, what can I do?

Customer Question

My contractor placed a false lien against me, what can I do?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 2 years ago.
Hello: This is PhillipsEsq. I am a licensed Attorney and I will be assisting you today.
Could you explain a little more?
Why did the contractor put a "false lien" against you?
You need to provide foundation for your question.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Landlord needs money to finish repairing her rental and her home drains of broken clay and tree roots. Six months she kept repairing. I was never moved on. All my belongings stayed in storage. Each time I thought I was going to get moved in another major house issue would happen and I had to clean up after her friends worked on house issues. Furnace ducts full of clogged dust/dirt; dryer clogged exterior exhaust; old water tank leaking and not working; exterior doors had to be repaired; broken window; window screen; dishwasher replacement; clogged sink drains (bathroom/kitchen); tub drains (2); baby up sewage and water on basement floor; tub ruined when she put acid in 2 inch backed up water. I had the house ready to move in at the end of first 30 days. But her irresponsible lack of keeping up with rental property upkeep resulted in many hours of labor. I cleaned up the house, which took 30 days. Then it became mess after mess and I had to released repeatedly within five or six month period..exhausting and disappointing. She provided nothing to help in all clean ups.Right after I moved in she told me she had a water problem..loosing many gallons of water, she said she had to start measuring water used by horses. I replied by saying, "well its not don't have things fixed yet that I can take a tub bath or shower, that I had been using family dollar body wipes. Also in the suit she blamed me for her kichen sink clogging. When I moved in, during first 40 days I approached her with the problem..she got mad and said, "IN THE BASEMENT IS A UTENSIL THAT WILL UNCLOG IT..USE THAT. So I did, everytime it clogged except last day..I wanted her to see that drain was still clogged. So she is suing me for drains that are backed up, need cleaned and replaced. Her friend cleaned tub and bathroom sinks, but not kitchen and washer drains. There was a large few days downpour of rain, I washed clothes, used new dishwasher and took a bath all at same time frame. Another back up. while other renters lived there, several basement floods occured. Mold in basement and water lines up at least three inches and her workers told me it was a constant problem, in detail. Other tenants ran in the middle of the night in a flash. She is trying to get money from me..I live on SSD, $1200 a month. I have 0 left over by the tenth of the month. MY fiancé is named in suit also. He does not have any extra money. He lives on limited income as well. Her and her dad have been conspiring to find a way to get us to pay for her mistakes, her irresponsibility. She claimed that she turned this into her insurance company. After that she took three vacations and went on a shopping spree and build a small outdoor patio by her home. This is a woman that spends extra time laying on the sofa and lives in a house piled to such, only a path exists.
This is typical of her.Takes from others and uses them.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I recall one time, when she barged in with 4 or 5 water plant workers, a worker turned to her and said, we made a mess on her clean floor and she with evil look grabbed a decor hand to well and with her barnyard shoes stepped on my decorative towel to half clean up mud mess and left it there and laughed..she is evil. One time she knocked a horse fly to the ground, picked it up, removed the wings, placed it on ground and with evil tone, "suffer" next day she said what she did was not acceptable..I just turned away.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Day before she gave me 3 days to leave, the water department told me she was searching for a legal reason to kick me out that she was blaming me for water leak she had one month after I moved in. Only water I used during 30 days was to flush commode and clean her house. They inspected entire house and found commode had a very small leak, nothing that would cause several gallons of water loss.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Her water bill was over $1000.00
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The day I ran dishwasher, took bath, and did a load of clothes in washer is one of the last day of thee day rain downpour. She blamed my washer for flood in basement. When in fact it was the drain they did not clean. She told me I was not allowed to use washer. After couple nights, I thought to myself I know my brand new washer is not the blame. I never had an issue with it. I video ed entire process and nothing was wrong. So I washed clothes with it..never had a problem.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Because as far as she is is her right to lay on the sofa, hire people to do her work for her for pennies, and file lawsuits to get money to make property repairs that are her responsibility not others. She is out of money. She got a check from insurance company; went on three vacations and shopping spree and purchased a lot of hay for horses, hired workers to handle the hay. She usually goes to her father for money. But she is spiteful against me...has been since her father bragged on what a good job of cleaning of her rental. It took me 30 days to get it livable and return she gave me 3 days to live there free. However, I was never able to get moved in completely with furniture and belongings as the house operation systems did not work; needed total overhaul; or needed replaced.
Drains...3 times backed up...worker cleaned all drains but washer and kitchen lines.
Tub..She poured acid in to clean out drains and demolished the tub. (some inside pipes may have been damaged..I don't know. Dishwasher needed replaced. Oven was as totally a mess...took me an entire day to clean. Kitchen drain was stopped up. She told me how to clean it. Did several times. When moved out I cleaned the sink, but left the drain as I found it. Exterior doors needed repaired. Broken windows never got repaired as she promised, nor the torn screens..The list goes on and on.
Upstairs bathroom sink not installed...pipes drained to ceiling of basement bathroom
Workers had to come in and pour out the water in the ceiling and as well as mold and gunk.
Wood floors needed polished (really needed restriped and finished) Carpets needed replace/pet urine and poop)

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