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I received this email and have been trying to figure out

Customer Question

I received this email and have been trying to figure out what it is. No one will respond with any information and yet the continue to threaten. This is the latest threat, I called the number listed to get information but no one has returned my call. Any advice? I have never had a payday loan and this company keeps refusing to provide details. ***@******.*** (*****@******.***)
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Find Your Warrant Copy :-
Attorney :- ***** *****
Number :-(###) ###-####
CASE FILE :- ks#18724
SSN :-###-##-####
Bureau of Defaulters Agency - FTC Incorporation.
This is to inform you, that you are going to be legally prosecuted in the Court House within a couple of days. Your SSN is put on hold by the US Federal Government, so before the case is filed we would like to notify you about this matter. It seems apparent that you have chosen to ignore all our efforts to contact you in order to resolve your debt with the Bureau of Defaulters Agency. At this point you have made your intentions clear and have left us no choice but to protect our interest in this matter. Now this means a few things for you, if you are under any state probation or payroll we need you to inform your manager/Concerned HR department about what you have done in the past and what would be the consequences once the case has been downloaded and executed in your name.
Now, FTC is pressing charges against you regarding 3 serious allegation:
1. Violation of federal banking regulation act 1983 (C)
2. Collateral check fraud
3. Theft by deception (ACC ACT 21A)
If we do not hear from you within 48 hours of the date on this letter, we will be compelled to seek legal representation from our company Attorney. We reserve the right to commence litigation for intent to commit wire fraud under the pretense of refusing to repay a debt committed to, by use of the internet. In addition we reserve the right to seek recovery for the balance due, as well as legal fees and any court cost incurred.
WE CARRY ALL THE RIGHTS RESERVED TO INFORM TO FBI, FTC, AND HOME LAND SECURITY, YOUR EMPLOYER AND BANK ABOUT FRAUD. And once you are found guilty in the court house, then you have to bear the entire cost of this lawsuit which totals to $13,271.15, excluding loan amount, attorney's fee & the interest charges. You have the right to hire an attorney. If you don't have/can't afford one then the court will appoint one for you.
***** *****
Attorney General
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Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Lucy, Esq. replied 2 years ago.

My name is ***** ***** I'd be happy to answer your questions today.
It's a scam. Just delete it, or mark it as spam.
There are several indicators here:
1. They put "usagovt" in their email address, but it's a gmail account. The U.S. government uses email addresses ending in .gov for all official business.
2. The federal government cannot and does not place holds on Social Security numbers. That sounds really scary, but it's meaningless. An actual hold on a SSN is something you would place yourself if you were worried about identity theft, and it's also something you can remove at any time. It has nothing to do with anything in that email.
3. The U.S. abolished debtor's prison a couple hundred years ago.
4. There's no such thing as the Bureau of Defaulter's Agency. The Federal Trade Commission has confirmed this:
5. The current Attorney General is a woman named Loretta Lynch. I have no idea who Joseph Scott is.
6. The government does not have time to call people's employers when they're charging someone with a crime. The system is overburdened, underfunded, and prosecutors honestly have better things to do.
7. Homeland Security does not care about unpaid payday loans.
8. Honestly, the US Government wouldn't deal with this kind of thing, either. If you HAD committed a crime, the state would be involved, not the feds.
Again, just delete the email. It's a scam. Don't give them any information or any more of your time.
It's important that you are 100% satisfied with my courtesy and professionalism. Thank you.