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I AM A SENIOR 74 yrs age & widowed after 51 yr 45 yr marriage

Customer Question

I AM A SENIOR 74 yrs age & widowed after 51 yr 45 yr marriage n now find myself bullied by a clique of city employees & a neighbor who wants my property, Home & adjacent land for their own purpose. I have suffered an arson of a structure two days after they approached me to sell them that property for 10 cents on the dollar & I refused; there was evidence at a second structure that an attempt to burn it failed. On the SVS request to 911 for a fire at the address, the fire trucks were sent aprox.2 1/2 mi. in opposite direction to a completely different address, then when they finally arrived they sent crew on foot to look at the fire & when I demanded they begin applying water or other they ordered me to retreat, saying apparatus could not get to the fire because a single vehicle parked on an aprox. 5000 sq. ft. parking lot was preventing their truck from making the turn. After the fire they called the structure vacant which it WAS-NOT & tries to force me to raze the remains complete with another persons assets as well as ours in 10 days least they order city contractors to come in & do so. They wanted total abatement of all utilities including those to the other structure which did not burn & thus telling me to HIRE an architect $2500 to tell licensed plumber where to cap a sewer. This is only one incident of 12 in past 30 years and most of these employees/council members/managment souls belong to a powerful Fraterernity where they use it's recognition signs between each and the other; even when I might address city council with a concern, as I walk to the podium they want response back from me by their "Eye winking ear pulling recognition contact": I once stopped in mid stride and stated I was not a fraternal brother of the Mayor or the City manager and his attorney & I further do not recognise their gang signs any more than a Crip or MS-13 encountered on the street; instead I stand on "Free Speach etc. & Now I am barred from city hall, because they have spread rumor that I brought a gun there & even if I call in advance to go there; they will OK it but not in writing as I request; but on more than one occassion when I pull into the parking lot "The Police are there to ESCORT Me OFF THE PROPERTY & once even follow me home and BREAK INTO MY WINDOW TOYOTA VAN. Try as I may I could not access who sent them or ordered the SVS call to the Police to harrass me. I was in construction fully insured & Licensed and have had this same bunch show up on my job site and shut me down saying I was not licenced or had approved PERMITS and once I had even just picked up a PERMIT less than an hour before from one of them at the desk at City Hall & he shows up at my job site and orders me to shut down & shows me a County Deputy Sheriffs badge & so states he can enforce his order. To these incidences there are many witnesses. It has now come to a head since my partner died and the day/or day after (It's a blur in memory) the obituary was in the paper. They sent employees of theirs to my home to try & remove our/her pets (My wife had been involved with various rescue groups) and ordered me to remove a mattresses from my yard I had carried & placed there, it was hers. Now they want to steal my vary home; where before two of us stood I am alone and recent as yesterday was at the Hospital with severe pain and blood pressure of 186 over 108 from the most recent 6 incidents not even portrayed in this text, that envolved them sending me orders to contact them; then on me attempting that I am told that the request is invalid as that employee is on vacation or on the phone. One finally did respond after his demand letter & my immediate attempt to contact him back on 7/15/2015 and that was yesterday 7/22/2015. His letter was an order to me to complete a roof repair in 10 days and to contact him with any questions.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only. I have read the account of what has been happening to you, but I am afraid I do not know what your specific question is for us that we can provide you information on. Can you tell us your specific question?