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Dwayne B.
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What is your rste and are you familiar with Florida laws

Customer Question

What is your rste and are you familiar with Florida laws
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I live in florida and have a live in boyfriend who has been with me 14 years. He will not move out and is becoming violent to the animals and I fear my safety.. He has threatened to shoot my sister in the head and wants to be invisible for one day so he can kill all the people he dislikes without being caught. I have hine him seven evictions and he finds some way to avoid them. How to get him out.
Expert:  Dwayne B. replied 2 years ago.
Hello and thank you for contacting us. This is Dwayne B. and I’m an expert here and looking forward to assisting you today. If at any point any of my answers aren’t clear please don’t hesitate to ask for clarification. Also, I can only answer the questions you specifically ask and based on the facts that you give so please be sure that you ask the questions you want to ask and provide all necessary facts. All of the experts in the legal section are qualified to provide information as to the law in all states and we do it on a regular/daily basis. I have a couple of questions before I can start. First, it states above "I have hine him seven evictions...". That is obviously a typo, what did you mean to say? Second, has he actually threatened you with any type of physical harm or actually harmed you?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have given him
Not directly except saying things like if I try to take legal action he would become someone I do not like and I would have a fight on my hands. He has shoved a chair into me causing me to fall . I had a yoe amputated and the day sfter I got out of the hospital, he ran over the side of that bandaged foot with a dolly filled with several heavy boxes. He pretended it was an accident but he had to go out of his way to run over it. Lots of financial abuse.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My foot was just sore for a day or two but he does things kind of like this indirectly to bully and intimidate me.
Expert:  Dwayne B. replied 2 years ago.
The shoving you into a chair and running over your foot will be sufficient, along with the threats, to justify going to the police and/or the District Attorney and asking for a protective order. Essentially a protective order can be issued when there has been family violence or a threat of family violence. The issue is that you can't ask for one unless it has somehow been directed at you but if he has pushed you and then made veiled threats against you and others then you can ask for it.Some people hire their own lawyers for this but most District Attorney's offices have at least one assistant who will get these done and they don't charge for them. They will still have to serve him with the order but when they do it will exclude him from the home and from coming around you or contacting you in any way. If he violates the order and you call the police they can arrest him immediately and he can face a criminal charge for the violation.Under your facts it would appear to be the most logical, and safest, course of action to pursue.If your question has been answered completely then I'd offer my best wishes to you and ask that you please not forget to leave a Positive Rating (of course I’d suggest Excellent!) so I receive credit for my work. Of course, please feel free to ask any follow up questions in this thread.