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A state rep put her dog on website looking home. we

Customer Question

a state rep put her dog on website looking for good home. we my caregiver and i as i'm in a scooter and cannot walk responded. she and her husband drove 1 and 1/2 hours one way last sat morning, july 11, to give me the dog. she contacted my girls,monday evening and demanded that she was coming wed to retrieve her dog. we talked a few times on the phone and my girls texted her over a period of about three weeks before she brought the dog. in her paperwork she had given me the likes and dislikes, vet paperwork, and paperwork for a pet retreat she had taken the dog to, which stated the dog doesn't like any dogs, which is not the case as she plays with 2 of my neighbors dogs, a shit zoo and a little boxer terrier. she also stated the dog is not a lap dog, she sits on all our laps for for long periods of time. the rep stated she wanted her to go to a good one dog home as she no longer gets along with the other dogs she has and one of them is her own sister,which she got into it with her sister that morning and hurt her left rear paw that sat before they brought her to me.we all rubbed her paw and it has since healed. she now got a lawyer demanding her back in 5 days or further legal action will take place. the dog is very acclimated to her new one dog home where she receives oodles of love and attention and lots of walks as there are acres of grounds where i live. she is now saying we misrepresented my fenced in yard, which we sent her a picture and she saw it when she came that sat. i got dog tags in my name and phone number, a new license where we live, and a new harness. the correspondence was ongoing as i said before so i went out and purchased a posterpedic dog bed which the dog loves, new bowls, flea n tick drops and collar as well. i would also like to mention our last conversation ending in her calling me a f..... b.....!!! i need to explain i had a dog for 17 years and had to put her down which really sent me into depression. i have ms and stage 3 kidney failure and promised the rep if for any reason i could no longer care for her i would call them...i need to know if i have any chance of keeping this dog if i go into civil court and fight or not. we really bonded with me and my caretakers. we have a lot of pictures. if she did not like my 25' by 25' with a 6' fence she should have taken her that sat, july 11. that yard was big enough for my other dog. thank you! sincerely, ***** *****!
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 2 years ago.
Dear Customer, I don't know why this person changed their mind, but once they gave their dog to you, they cannot take it back.(For legal purposes, animals are viewed as personal property, and can be "gifted" - in this case, the woman gifted the animal to you, you accepted the animal, and the gift was completed. You have no obligation to return the pet).