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My children's dad wasn't in their lives years and

Customer Question

My children's dad wasn't in their lives for three years and when I told his girlfriend I was getting social security for his son on a day he was going to a birthday party they found two small bruises on his side and accused me of squeezing him mind you I'm a petite woman and my son has a carnitine deficiency so he bruises easy and it also caused him to develop slower so he just was learning to walk and I had gotten him a new baby bed.I had a cps worker who fought on my side in another case and she told me not to worry about it cause he didn't really believe I'd ever hurt my kids.however when I got to court the woman acted like she didn't know me and she didn't know whether or not I meant top hurt him but she believed I hurry my son they said they had hospital records but the records never showed all three of my kids are looking unhappy and aren't being taken care of by their dad but his girlfriend.they are also covered in bruises and my son had his head stapled last time I had a visit with him is there something I can do to f get them back cause they are my world and I feel lost without them
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Andrea, Esq. replied 2 years ago.
Good morning, and Welcome to JustAnswer, I am so sorry to hear about your very unfortunate situation and I am sorry that you did not receive te help from the CPS worker that you should have received. 1. Please explain how your children were taken away from you - Was a home study done, was an investigation done, or did they simply take the father's word for everything ? 2. Did CPS give you a list of things that you must do in order to get your children returned to you ? If so, what did CPS tell you that you must do ? 3. Did CPS give you a time schedule when these tasks would have to be completed by you ? 4. How old are your children ? Thank you and I look forward to your reply, ANDREA