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Experience:  Civil litigation attorney for individuals and businesses.
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I bought Chicken wrapped rawhide chew bones 3 Chihuahua's

Customer Question

I bought Chicken wrapped rawhide chew bones for my 3 Chihuahua's who ride with me in my truck. Gave them first bone July 4th, lost J.J. on the 11th and Scooter on the 13th, Shasta is sick. Animal hospital said it was the new bones I bought. Spent over 2000.00 trying to save them, no hope. Dr. kept bones to turn into FDA. I want to sue the pants off them for selling a bad product and taking away the family I love. Any advice for me>
Broken Hearted Kathy
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 2 years ago.
I am sorry to hear of this unfortunate matter.If you wish to file suit, you can do so in small claims court (procedures and rules of evidence are simplified so you will not require an attorney to represent you, but damages are limited to $5,000.00), see: (This is probably going to be the fastest, and most efficient way to get a resolution to the matter as far as getting a cash payment to you, it does not stop the FDA from doing an investigation, and you can still report the matter to the Arkansas Attorney General, who can do a criminal and administrative investigation, here: Speak to your vet and ask if they are willing to appear in your small claims case as an expert for you.If you are intent on suing for more than $5,000.00, you can sue in general civil court, but be prepared for more stingent civil procedure, and heightened rules of evidence (as well as a much lengthier litigation window (small claims can be resolved in 6-8 months, while general civil suits can last 2-3 years)). It is usually well advised to have an attorney represent you in general civil court, but it is possible to represent yourself. Just as in the small claims case where you will need an expert, in general civil you will need expert witnesses, but the standard is higher and you are going to need a lot more depth. So if you are okay with spending a huge amount of time and effort on this matter (with the possibility that you may recover more) you can consider this option.Again, I am truly sorry to learn about your unfortunate matter, and I do wish you the very best.

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