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My son has been engaged 4 years with no date ever

Customer Question

My son has been engaged for nearly 4 years with no date ever set. Her father's stipulation for marriage was that he find another job. He has has sent resume's with no luck. He has to work. She told him several months ago that she could not marry a pipeliner and thought they needed to take a break. So he did, permanently. She refuses to give the ring back, which he bought using his inheritance from his grandmother along with money he made while working on the pipeline. We live in the state of Mississippi.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Loren replied 2 years ago.
Good morning. I am Loren, a licensed attorney, and I can assist you this morning.
Expert:  Loren replied 2 years ago.
In MS they adhere to the majority rule that an engagement ring is a conditional gift given in contemplation of marriage. When the engagement is broken off, the party at fault for the breaking of the engagement has no claim to the ring. If marriage is completed, then the gift becomes the property of the party to whom the ring was given upon divorce since the condition was satisfied and the gift is then considered permanent.
Expert:  Loren replied 2 years ago.
Since she broke off the engagement, your son's fiancee is legally required to return the ring because the conditional gift never vested by marriage.
Expert:  Loren replied 2 years ago.
If the value of the ring does not exceed $3500 your son can sue in small claims court. Otherwise, he will need to sue in the regular court.
Expert:  Loren replied 2 years ago.
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