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Tina, Lawyer
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Again I appreciated your response to my question near the

Resolved Question:

Again I appreciated your response to my question near the end of 2014. I have a new question regarding this case. During "discovery" the Plaintiffs, who are well established Personal Injury attorneys in this geographic area, have admitted, in writing and
notorized , to a serious violation by themselves of our Florida Statutes and County Ordinances. Specifically, under Title 46, chapter 828, they freely admit that they could not keep their pet under geographic control because of his "craftiness" in escaping
from his residential property. They have stated that their pet often roamed their neighborhood, uncontrolled because he had to "visit his friends" in their upper scale neighborhood. They state their pet, the day previous to the alleged incident, lost his "Proof
of Rabies Vaccination Tag" my veterinary office had given them 4-5 months earlier which indicated the pet was legally vaccinated against the Rabies virus. As a courtesy I have had each of my Rabies Tags imprinted with my hospital name, which is not even required
by Florida or County law, so in case a pet was lost it would be more likely it could be re-united with it's owners. It appears that they have committed a third degree felony according to the statutes of our state. They filed their 1st amended complaint after
certain parts of their initial lawsuit was dismissed by the court. The attorney representing Plaintiffs has formally quit representing Plaintiffs as is represented in county court documents. Earlier their attorney tried to "talk some sense into them", but
Plaintiffs refused their attorney's advice. Plaintiff's 1st amended lawsuit was created and delivered to me so they could overcome the portions of their 1st lawsuit that were dismissed (as they state in writing) and also that by filing the 1st amended lawsuit
they specifically address that they will now be seeking "punitive damages" for gross corporate negligence on my part. This is all documented in written statements or written statements between Plaintiff's and my attorney. They now are writing a 2nd amended
lawsuit (as they state in writing to the court) to seek "further damages?" against myself, my professional reputation, and by extension my family. What has now happened is that, I believe, they have realized that they have abused their authority, as representatives
of the court, and that they technically commited a third degree felony under Florida Statutes because their actions did indeed lead to the death of a family pet, or horse, or any other "dumb animal" which is described as any living creature that could not
normally live if it were not for human intervention to provide feed, shelter and water for it's existence. They now refuse to move forward with their 2nd amended complaint, which now leaves me with a law suit "hanging over my head" that denies me certain constitutional
rights (I can not serve on a jury to better serve my country, etc, ...). So my question is: What other constitutional rights or privileges will I now be denied because of their failure to produce their 2nd amended complaint. My attorney now appears (allegedly)
to have taken the side of Plaintiffs. His statement is "why would you want them to move forward" and continue to sue you? I say the lawsuit still exists and I believe they may be waiting for the five year statute of limitations on "animal cruelty" to expire
so they can then attempt to "annihilate" me as they are now doing a pretty good job of as I attempt to sell my business. I seek your advice on all aspects of this case and my options to repulse the actions of Plaintiffs as they represent themselves as "officers
of the court". I am not an unwealthy man. A personal dialogue to help me in this case would be gratefully accepted and highly paid for. CJL
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
Under FL law, just because someone has a civil suit open against them does not mean they lose their right to serve on a jury. Also, what other constitutional rights are you claiming to lose because of an open civil suit?
Also, if you have proof they admitted to animal cruelty, why are you waiting to provide that proof to your local district attorney's office for them to determine whether or not to file criminal charges against the plaintiff? The DA has the ultimate and final authority as to whether or not to charge anyone.
Has your attorney gotten the first amended complaint dismissed?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I am looking for answers from you. You are asking me the questions. It is the other way around. Your "answers" to my questions are questions directed back towards me. I would allege you need to "up" your legal talents. I believe it will be difficult for you to do so as I interpretate the words of your initial response. I'm sorry if I need to say that to you, but I doubt that. Have a good day
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your reply.
It is because you made a statement that was entirely untrue by saying you lose your constitutional rights just because you have a civil lawsuit open against you. That was a statement I was trying to find the root of in your understanding of things. I also was asking you for more information about your situation because I do not know your case and you needed to communicate it to me (which you failed to do in you lacked communication of several things I needed to know).
However, I am afraid that since you have chosen this option of communication I will no longer be able to work with you as the unprofessional dialog is not something I choose to engage in.
Expert:  Joycelaw replied 1 year ago.
Dear Customer:I received a call request for you. I called your home but could not leavea message because there was no answering machine.Please stay by your phone, I will be calling you in a little while and throughout theday. ThanksJoyce
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The telephone number I gave -(###) ###-#### (my home number) is the proper number to call me at. Answering machine is working. I was on this phone line within the past hour and that is probably the reason we couldn't connect. Please call back and I will use my cell phone to connect with my office from now on today.Thanks, Craig
Expert:  Joycelaw replied 1 year ago.
Since we are talking on the phone, I have opted out.
Expert:  Joycelaw replied 1 year ago.
Since we are talking on the phone, I have opted out of talking online.