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Ive lived in apy\t 3 month with out rental agremt,and im being

Customer Question

ive lived in apy\t 3 month with out rental agremt,and im being evected for grounds of having a discution of where is my invoice i was working 8 wks with no payat 300.00 a wk first month to help myself get in they took my check and paid my rent for 1st mont i have been asking for my rental agrement ,well the matter is they told me i was being evicted just cause i ask question now they tell me there charging me for asuting him and that they had wittness which they are lieing his word agence mine we they expected me to move and i didnt movethat was a two day get out what are my wrights they rented my aptment asuming i would move so now there harrasing me to movee k after there treat ask me to leave then told me to move in next door my sister lives ther but yet after all the acusations now if i move with her that also puts her out knowing after all the threat.i kno most rental law kand they still owe me for time that i did work so what are my leaglal rights they owe me they thrat me and accuse me i have not did any thing wrong they have put so many rule in 3 month even the rent went up they need my apt so move some one elsecant even smok in the apt cause to them it will ruin the paint job,with out notice of any rules that want us to follow what the heck u cant even talk to other tenentsthis us to be a family place now they put in rehap from the reach out program,with no notice come to find out they moved in so they putting people out so they can move them i said they gave me 2 days to move or elsemy apt was rentent and there worried about figuring out what to say about me and a few others im not moving they havent servide me no papers i dont even have rental agrement please tell me whats my rights period.....
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Barrister replied 2 years ago.
Hello and welcome! My name is ***** ***** I will try my level best to help with your situation or get you to someone who can.
I need to ask a few questions before I comment..
1. Have they given you any written notice to terminate your tenancy?
2. If so, how long of a notice did they give you?
3. Did you agree to work for them in return for money to pay the rent?
4. Did anyone file any type of criminal complaint for the alleged assault?
5. How much do they owe you for any work you have done?