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I live in Westmoreland County and there is a good chance I

Customer Question

I live in Westmoreland County and there is a good chance I will be needing a lawyer who is willing to take my case pro bona. I am 72 years old and somewhat disabled. I just moved out of the mobile home I lived in for 1 1./2 years. As usual I left behind a clean unit. (Whenever I've ever left other apartments, I get my security back in 2 - 3 days) I had mentioned to one of the maintenance people that my unit will be clean and no damage. He started to laugh and said, "That will be different, people leave with walls punched out!" I told him "Not in my home." I moved 6-27-15. Five days later I was talking to another maintenance person who told me there are at least 10 holes in the wall! Ileft no holes and I want to see them right now. He met meat the unit. Sure enough there were about 10 very small holes. I knew exactly where they came from. When I moved in 1 1/2 years prior, I noticed little bumps on the wall, It looked as though there HAD been holes but they were filled and painted over. also a few very small nails which were also painted over. Everything was so small It didn't bother me so life goes on. Also in the entire unit there was 2 screws in the walls. I used one to hang a picture of my kids and the bigger one to hang a poster my kids made for my 70th surprise party. I never hung rods,never put up drapes or curtains. Here I am 5 days after I left, someone came in and put holes in the wall making it look like I did it. The hole are very small. When I tell this to people, each and every one, including my daughter in Colorado, tells me its the first step to keeping my security deposit. My word against her. I've heard stories like this the whole time I was there but dismissed it because I would be leaving a great unit. I needhelp very much, if just for one hearing before a magistrate. The security is 525.00 and a fixed income can't take that hit. I pray someone can help me. I have to drive up there by noon and I have to be able to say, "I've contacted a lawyer." Thank You ***** ***** (###) ###-####
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
I am afraid that state law forbids anyone from this site from providing representation to any customer of the site. We are restricted to providing only general information and if you need representation from a local attorney and you cannot afford one, you need to go to the local legal aid office.
You have not been charged for this response and you may get your deposit refunded by contacting customer service at