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I actually have two different complaints. one is i made reservations

Customer Question

i actually have two different complaints. one is i made reservations on cheapo air lines they messed up the city i was suppose to go out of,suppose to go out of greenville,SC. which is 1 hour awayfrom me. and ithriple repeated it to her she puts me ouy of greenville,N.C. four hrs. away. when i got the email which was several days later as i was hurrying trying to get all ills paid etc.etc before ileft then is when i found the mistake i called immmediately and explained,they said it would take a couple of days to go through to see who made the mistakes and call me right back. they never did. icalled 4-6 times on the same thing and no one did one thing tp check the tape or knew that i called on it before. iwish icould talk to you in person there is so much more.the lastperson ispoke to me said i would only pay half thenscrewed me by charging me more than i already is much more than i already paid because he knew it was my first time flyingand i had to get to california my 83yr old sister whose having heart problems and i told himso and this last person that i spoke to was th day i had to leave within hours if you could call please(###) ###-#### thank you elizabeth cole.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Andrea, Esq. replied 2 years ago.
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