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My name Sir, is

Customer Question

My name Sir, is Florentino XXXXXXXXXXX, back in '08 i had retained the law firm of a XXXXXXXXXXXX to assist in filing for social security disability. ..the application was denied...meanwhile Sir I had initiated a compensation claim against the U.S. Army, on my ownn with absolutely no assistance from binder and binder. I was subsequently awarded a $14000 setttlement with a $960 mthly payment basedd on being diagnosed with PTSD... At the time of the settlement which was 12/26/2013 I did not haave an active bannk acct, so XXXXXXXXXX sent me a bank card with their logo printed across the top of the card from an instituion called "bancorp" based out of wilmington De...over the following months Sir I kept noticcing that my bank account balance was totally not in psychn with myy transactions.....funds simply kept disappearing and despite numerous phone calls and e-mail requwstuing a wtotten accounting I kept bein told that Bancorp does not issue mthly bk statements.
Finally I contacted the CFPB and subsequently recieved a 15 page, indecipherable, gibberish like list of transactions, whicvh made absolutely no sense to me... one of the glaring misdoings was that there is no evidence of my mthly $960 deeposit being made to the account...I am a disabled Veteeran who feels that I have been the victim of predatory banking and I am begging for some assitance in if not reclaiming my money, at least find out what happened to it...leas, please, Alex help out a vet let us work together to wright this wrong because only God alone nows how many more disabled citizens are being taken advatage of by the unsrcpulous law firm of binder and binder and their cohort.... bancorp operating iut of Wilmington De....again Sir...I need your help... please help ph # ***** e-mail is XXXXXXXXXXXX. ..Thankin you in advancee for your kindest consiseration and God bless your every effort...Thank you
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Please help....