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Accidentally walked out of Kohl with a bracelet. Got charged

Customer Question

accidentally walked out of Kohl with a bracelet. Got charged with a m1 theft. I have Epstein Barr virus. and am very sick. I go to court today, im supposed to stay in bed. I went there to return something. Was just looking at it. forgot I had the damn thing. I didn't mean to actually walk out with it. but I did. I don't know what to say to the judge. my brain isn't working right. ive lost 20 pounds in three weeks and my mind aint working right. what do I do? The cop never read me my rights when we were in that loss prevention holding. I cant even remember all that was said. My health is a huge concern right now. Huber heights ohio
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 2 years ago.
Dear Customer,You should be represented by counsel. If you cannot afford an attorney, you are entitled to have an attorney paid for by the state (a public defender), make sure to ask for one.Your appearance today is most likely a "preliminary hearing" where the court will read the charges and you can enter a plea of "guilty" "not guilty" or "no contest"If you plead "not guilty" your case will be set over for trial, and you will be given a chance to work with your attorney both to negotiate a plea bargain with your attorney, and to perform some discovery as well as to make pre-trial motions (also called "motions in limine") regarding the admissibility of statements made during the investigation by the police officers while you were in the loss prevention office.Make sure to take advantage of being represented by counsel - many defendants ignore this right, it is foolish to do so, a criminal charge, even a misdemeanor, is a very serious matter, and being represented by counsel can make a significant difference in the final outcome of your case (negotiating your plea down to a "lesser included offense" so that your final conviction is an infraction as opposed to a misdemeanor, or finding errors in the investigation that will allow you to "defense" the case - avoid a conviction altogether).