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Is it legal to hire anyone to do work, including house-cleaning

Customer Question

Is it legal to hire anyone to do work, including house-cleaning and landscaping, at your personal residence if they are not licensed, insured and with workman's comp? I.e. if without these and an incident were to occur, would the homeowner be liable for damages and if hired without lic, ins, and wc would their umbrella policy cover them?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Ray replied 2 years ago.
Hi and welcome to JA.I am Ray and will be the expert helping you tonight.
Here if you hire unlicensed and uninsured persons you assume the risk of any injury on the premises.Your homeowners covers them as an invitee/guest and if they sue you or file claim your homeowners would represent.
You decide if you want to assume the risk, if it is simple work and they are cheap enough you may decide to take the chance.But anytime they are unlicensed and don't carry insurance coverage you are at risk if they are injured because they have no comp coverage and are doing this off the books.
Unless they can show you a policy here that covers them then you are the one assuming the risk.All legitimate contractors or businesses have such a policy or workers comp to protect you and will so advise you when they are soliciting business.
It is possible for say a maid service to not have licenses but they carry workers comp.They need either umbrella coverage or workers comp or you assume the risk of anybody on your property.
I appreciate the chance to help you today.Please let me know if you have more follow up.Thanks again.
Expert:  Ray replied 2 years ago.
If you have more please let me know it is not a problem,if you can leave a positive rating when we are done it is always much appreciated.