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I have severe mental illness. My two oldest nephews and one

Customer Question

I have severe mental illness. My two oldest nephews and one with a wife have been verbally mental abusing me by phone or email. In my nephews late terms they came to me for help, to live with me which I allowed, They did not show me any respect to me or my townhouse. I had to have carpet replaced due to them not hanging their towels up in the bathroom, the put on the bedroom floor along with all their dirty clothes. They did not take off their shoes before going upstairs, if they did their socks were dirty. I loaned them money which was never repaid. My oldest nephew would call in the middle
of the night to come pick him up at jail. I paid an attorney for him to free him from jail
it was a domestic abuse case. My nephews and the one wife continue to mentally abuse
me by email or by phone. I cannot take it any longer. They did not follow the rules of
my house, one being no girls sleeping over. One of the girls is now my nephews wife
and she changed her cell phone # ***** 11/12 and accuses me of leaving nasty voice mails.
I had called to apologize for one voice mail I left after she sent an email to me which
offended and hurt. Her husband my nephew never told me she changed her cell phone number and I'd call and wished her Happy Birthday each year. This year I called nephew to confirm her that I had and he said it was the right number so I called and sang Happy Birthday and told her I loved her. I've been told off by all of them and I cannot take it any longer. I have seriously thought of committing suicide due to my
mental illness and their abuse. I loaned my oldest nephew close to $16,000.00 so that
he could buy his Dad's coin collection. He has not paid me a cent back. I have copies of
the emails I am referring to. I have not been perfect but I have apologized for the things I've said. I was very ill with the mental illness, had a lot of anxiety, could not
sleep, and have cried very often. I am at my wits end. They do not feel they have said
anything that has offended or hurt me. No apologies. My nephews wife prior to their used my address as her residence and my phone number as her contact number. Now I
know why I was getting all these collections for a Heidi Haag, I didn't know who she was. Any advise would be helpful. I think of suing all of them but maybe you have a better solution. I you could refer me to an attorney, I live in Robbinsdale MN. I am also handicapped due to Abilify and Zyprexa which cause me to get tardive dyskenesia
which affects my balance, speech plus. I had a minor stroke in March of 2012 due to all
the stress and anxiety I had endured advocating for my parents at the care center they
were at. My Dad passed away 11/11/2011, my eldest brother 6/1/2012, my Mom 9/20/2012. My oldest brother thanked me for being there for our parents. I advocated
for other residents by letting her know what was going on in the evening when management was not there. I saved a couple of residents from falling as I would call
out to staff. I was a total nightmare for me at the care center. I had to sell my townhouse as I could not go up and down stairs, I also had a sun***** *****ving room. I quit
driving at the end of 3/2010 as my feet did not coordinate well for driving and I did not
want to cause an accident and possibly hurt or kill someone. Thank you, ***** ***** the
time to read this and for your advise. I receive SSDI and disability income from Met Life. Met Life will stop 7/30/2016, which is a day before my 66th birthday.
Anne xxxx xxx-xxx-xxxx,***@******.***
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your question. Please understand that state law forbids us from representing anyone from this site, so we cannot represent you, all we are allowed to do is answer questions regarding your situation that you may have.
I have read everything above, but do not see an actual question from you.
Have you contacted Adult Protection Services yet to seek assistance?