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I moved into a new senior low income handicap accessible building

Customer Question

I moved into a new senior low income handicap accessible building in early September.
There were perhaps 10 residents in the building through October etc. The building is on private property so the local police department can do nothing. There are 34 parking spaces for 61 apartments & most residents have HC plates or Placards. There are also numerous aides that park in our area. After 9 months of no response I decided to come to you for answers. On May 15th I sent a letter to the building management, Property manager, CFO & COO. This is what I received in return: Building Mgr. 5/17/15 "
I am in receipt of your request and will respond to you on or by May 30. In the interim if you should have any questions, feel free to contact. On 5/17/15 the reply from COO
"Thank you for your note Susan. I am sorry that the parking has been difficult for you. As you know, we are working with limited space resources and partnering with the sisters to find solutions. Virginia and our housing team will communicate back to you early this week concerning your request. On 5/28/15 ANother response from the COO
"As you know our team is working on several strategies to help resolve the issues including adding parking spaces and adding handicap spaces. We hope this will help reduce the parking challenges for you and the community. We are working to understand the implications of providing a reserved space – not only for you but for the entire community – many of whom have very significant needs as well. Virginia and the team will be getting back to you and the community soon on these issues.
I really don't care about any other tenant, but I want & need a designated space.
What choices do I have from this poine
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Dimitry K., Esq. replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your question. I am a licensed Pennsylvania professional and will be happy to assist you.
If I may ask, is there a spot that is attached to your rental? Are you entitled to a spot, or no?