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My mother was put on a g-tube about 15 months ago after suffering

Customer Question

My mother was put on a g-tube about 15 months ago after suffering with aspiration pneumonia. She has advanced Alzheimer's disease and her doctor thinks this is the safest way for her to get nutrition. We were referred to a drug company in Los Angeles called Ivy League Pharmacy who provided us with a Kangaroo g-tube continuous feed pump and Osmolite formula. The doctor provided Ivy League with all necessary documentation to file a Medicaire claim. This was back in April, 2014. To date, Ivy League has never filed with Medicaire for the formula and gave us the excuse that Medicaire just won't pay so why bother. They threatened not to deliver the second month's formula unless we paid them $1,200.00 which we did so my mother could have food. This was for the cost of the formula for a two month period. My mom's doctor suggested that we go with a company called Crescent Drugs and we have been very satisfied with their services.Crescent filed with Medicaire and gets paid for the food deliveries each month. I need help with two issues: 1. How do I get Ivy League to file with Medicaire so we can get our $1200.00 back and; 2. the kangaroo pump we use is from Ivy League and it needs service. They refuse to service it and threaten to take the pump away. Crescent Drugs tried to help us by contacting Medicaire to see if they could provide us with a new pump. Medicare said no since we have Ivy League's pump less than 5 years. How can we get this pump serviced? It jams up a lot and my mom can't get her nutrients. By the way, Medicaire paid Ivy League for the kangaroo pump. Obviously Ivy League filed a claim for the pump and got paid. Why didn't they file a claim for the food? I am suspecting a scam. Crescent Drugs gets reimbursed about $150.00 each month from Medicaire for the formula food. That's a lot less than the $600.00 a month Ivy League was forcing me to pay out-of-pocket. Please help. I want my money back and I would like the pump serviced asap. Thank you! --DS
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Andrea, Esq. replied 2 years ago.
Hi, my name is ***** ***** I will be glad to Answer your question and the only thing I ask in return is that you leave a positive rating which will NOT cost you anything, so that JustAnswer gives me credit for assisting you, Fair enough ?
If you are not getting anywhere with Ivy League Pharmacy and they are not listening to your requests and to make matters worse, are making threats to remove the pump for which they have already received payment, then I strongly urge you to contact the one office which will put "the fear of God in them" and which can also put them out of business for he threats they are making against the device which your mother needs just to stay alive. Please do yourself and your mother a big favor and tomorrow morning immediately contact the Office of the California Attorney General's Office. That Office is extremely active in protecting the rights of its citizens and especially the rights of their senior citizens.
Call the Office of the Attorney General and ask to speak to one of the Attorneys in that Office. Tell them what Ivy League is threatening to do and especially with regard to the pump, tell them that they have already been paid in full for it, so they would have no right to come and remove it. In addition, be sure to tell that office that if they carried out their threats, they would be guilty of murder and they do not seem to care because they think that they are "untouchable" and "above the law".
Trust me, one telephone call from the California Attorney General's Office will place the fear of God in them and they will never make another threat again. They are very well aware of the power that the Attorney General has and they are also very aware of the penalties which that Office an impose on them, in addition to revoking their license to do any further business in any part of California. Here is the website for the California Attorney General -
If you look at the first page of the above website, you will see the numerous telephone numbers they have listed for the different areas of California.
The following website of the California Attorney General has their Complaint Form which you can fill out, but I think it would be much better if you called them, you will get faster results if you convey to them the urgency of your mother's situation -
Please be kind enough to leave a positive rating so that the website will give me credit for assisting you.
Bonus and Positive Feedback are always appreciated,
Kindest Regards,
Expert:  Andrea, Esq. replied 2 years ago.
Hi,I see that you have had the opportunity to review the Answer I gave you. Is there anything that you would like me to clarify ? If not, please be kind enough to leave a positive rating for my Answer. This will NOT cost you anything, but it is the only way that JustAnswser will give me credit for researching your question and giving you an Answer and a solution to your mother's situation. Thank you for understanding,