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Is it legal to park on an Alaskan State highway? The state

Customer Question

is it legal to park on an Alaskan State highway? The state highway which runs through the town of Skagway is lined with residential parked cars. Is that legal?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 2 years ago.
The Skagway Municipal Code has a rather limited parking code, I am posting the code section in full below: (cars would be permitted to park on the Alaskan Highway so long as they are not in violation of this code section)10.02.070 Parking restrictions. A. State Provisions Adopted. The city Municipality of Skagway has adopted by reference Chapter 2, Article 8 of Title 13 of the Alaska Administrative Code, which includes Sections 13.02.340 through 13.02.377 (stopping, standing, and parking) excluding all references to snow removal and loading zones, 13 AAC 02 Article 8, Section 367 (loading zones), and 13 AAC 02 Article 11, Section 480 (unattended motor vehicle), which will be enforced within the city municipality. B. Narrow Streets or Highways. The chief of police is authorized to erect signs indicating "no parking" upon any street or highway when the width of the roadway does not exceed twenty-six feet (26'), or upon one (1) side of a street or highway as indicated by such signs when the width of the roadway does not exceed thirty-five (35) feet. When official signs prohibiting parking are erected upon narrow streets or highways as authorized herein, no person shall park a vehicle upon any such street or highway in violation of any such sign. C. Restricted Use of Parked Vehicles. It is unlawful for any parked vehicle to be utilized to provide temporary sleeping or living quarters for the occupants: 1. While parked on any public street within the city municipality; 2. While parked on any public or private property within the city municipality, except designated campgrounds, without the express permission of the property owner or person having control over the property. D. Restricted Par*****, *****ed Parking, Loading and Drop Off Zones. The council borough assembly shall from time to time establish restricted par*****, *****ed parking, loading, drop off zones and other parking regulations by resolution. 1. Loading zones time limits; active loading/unloading of freight or passengers for up to 30 minutes. 2. For all areas not signed for timed parking, operative vehicles are allowed to park on public streets for no more than 30 days without movement. Exception given when owner has applied for a one time 30 day extended permit issued by the police department. No trailer shall be parked on any street or highway of the Municipality of Skagway for a longer period of time than 24 hours at any one time. E. Oversized Vehicles. Vehicles in excess of nineteen feet (19') shall be prohibited from parking on Broadway Street between 2nd and 7th Avenues. F. Commercial vehicles. Commercial vehicles prohibited from parking overnight on City municipal streets. The owner or operator of any commercial enterprise involving use of commercial vehicles shall provide and utilize off-street parking in an appropriately zoned area in compliance with SMC 19.08.020 adequate to park all vehicles used by that enterprise for commercial purpose. G. Commercial vehicle parking fines shall be established by resolution of the assembly the Council by resolution. H. Failure to contact court or pay parking citations within 5 days will result in double the fine.