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I have endured 30 years of police, legal, government and

Customer Question

I have endured 30 years of police, legal, government and medical malpractice. I have
collected a tremendous amount of documentation for all of this. I experianced an attempted
murder of me that was meant to stop a court case that false. Every police report about the court case and the attempted murder of me are fake because there is actual white out with
different hand writing. The DDA of the false court case has never been employed by the
Santa Clara Disrict Attorney's Office. In putting my documentation together about these two
cases, my phone became tapped and was being hacked. I would later get help from a man
who used to be head of NASA Security for keeping hackers out. he went to the NSA and was
able to shut down Stanford Technologies. that company that Los Gatos Police was using to
hack my phone. Albert hakim owned that company. He was one that got the guns from Iran
in the Iran Contra Affair, which Oliver North blew the whistle on. obviously a CIA company.
Pac Bell had listed my phone as '"sleeper on line" and "life threating". I went through a tremendous amount of illegal court proceedings, IRS, medical malpractice. I just hurt in a Homeland Securirty Property. No one knows what happenned to me eventhough I was hurt right in front of the main gate security camera. My head was split open and I was in
medically induced coma for five weeks. I had to shut dowwn my trucking business which I
hauled heavy eqipment for the military. I have been in many military bases including the
classfied areas in Nevada, White Sands Missle base and even worked Katrina and Rita. I was going down to work the Deep Horizon oil spill when I got severly injured at the Valero
Refinery in Paulsboro NJ. The refinery, which open for about seventy years, shut down and closed up after I pulled out my coma. Homeland Security did not answer the their supeona
when asked for the video of what happened to me. I have got a tremendous of
documentation which the FBI has most of but has mute. I would like to talk to an Attorney,
but I would rather talk on the phone. I live in the California delta, near the Bat Area.
My name is***** and my phone is XXX XXX XXXX
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
As someone who also worked both Katrina and Rita, thank you for your help.
What is your actual question for us at this point, since you have been through court on most of these issues and most of them are beyond the statutes of limitations for you to take any action if you had not already been to court on them?

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