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My question would be who can help us and how?The

Customer Question

Hello My question would be who can help us and how?The damage these groups have done to others is done they are no longer in their homes !! I am still here in my home and do not have another place to move to,this is a very difficult situation. I put a
lot of hard work and money into my home and will not see any return on investment.
We have had a problem with forgery and fraud on our loan when it got into the hands of Jaguar Group/Sierra Vista Funding and PC Financial.The principal of Jaguar Group and Sierra Vista Funding is John XXXXXX and the principal of PC Financial is Jesse and John and Richard XXXXXX who worked under Ken when he was Attorney General.
The Colorado Attorney General's Office convicted John and he was found guilty of forgery/fraud, Violations of the Rico Act,Violation of the Organized Crime Control Act.He was sentenced to 16 years in prison on March 4, 2011.The Ponzi scam they ran was flipping our loan and thousands of others between the different groups and skimming equity each time.They had forged a Quit Claim Deed and we were forced to purchase our home back for $292,000 when our original loans was 137,000.The only reason we have survived this long is because we had a lot of equity in our home. Thousand of people lost their homes because of the fraudulent predatory actions of these groups.We will soon lose ours if we do not get some assistance.A Colorado Judge had ruled at a 120 hearing that we owed nothing on our loan because we had paid double the amount for ten years.The bank came back with a different group of attorneys and we were not able to afford to fight the battle any longer. I had done some research and believe that a deed transferred fraudulently makes the note invalid and the deed becomes clouded. One of the cases I was reading was GMAC vs Chan in NY City. We thought that when John XXXXXX was found guilty everything would be ok, but it was not,the only ones that got awards were the banks,no homeowners were helped and made whole again!! Is there anything that can be done to help us we are at a loss at this point!!
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Another factor and person that was involved in this Ponzi Scam was Wayde XXXXXX (Speed of Wealth /Mantria Corp. Go Green Ponzi Scam)who was found guilty by the Security Exchange Commission of defrauding investors of 52 million in his Go Green Ponzi Scam. Article is in 5280 magazine July 2011 issue. I believe no criminal charges were made,how is this possible? His part in scam was telling us that our mortgage company was going out of business,but he could help and put us in the clutches of PC Financial,Jaguar Group,Sierra Vista Funding. The notary Patrick and Heather were involved in the forgeries and fraud also.They forged a Quit Claim Deed and other documents.When we took them to court,the three groups came in with big law firms against our single attorney Michelle from Boulder,whom we are not able to reach any longer.Heather who was one of the forgers was afraid for her life in court because of the people involved.When John was indicted by the Grand Jury,Heather helped with the case and was given 5 years probation and a 75,000 fine.We are losing our home of 20 years.Hard to believe!! My named is Pat I pray to God that there is someone who can help us in this situation,God knows we have tried!! This case was tried at a state level when I believe it should have been at a Federal level.They committed forgery/fraud in Arizona,Nevada,Texas,Colorado and probably more states,not just Colorado!
Thank you
Optional Information:
What have you tried so far?: I met and talked with people from the Attorney General's Office,wrote letters and got no response, I guess I will go to the news media and print media to tell them our story.What really threw me was Richard XXXXXX's involvement with PC Financial and their predatory lending practices joined by Jaguar Group and Siera Vista Funding
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal