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Dearest urgent case, My guest lost their passport .

Customer Question

Dearest urgent case,
My guest lost their passport for robber.
they reported to policeman already. Now they only have a photo passport took by phone. i dont know they can get the domestic flight UA  753 N  02JUN SFOLAS HK9  1018   1157
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Expert James replied 2 years ago.

Hello, I am James. I will be helping you today. I do not get a salary here. But just like you, I want to get credit for doing my job. And you are the only person who can help me get credit by giving me a positive rating before leaving this site today. So please do not forget to do that.

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They can still travel without a ID if it was lost or stolen. They need to inform the airline that the passport was stolen. They can also offer a copy of the police report to help. Also they should show the picture they took. If they have credit cards, they should also present those as well. A copy of their birth certificate (in English) would also be helpeful, if available.

At security, they also will not require an ID but they will be subjected to a more thorough security screening, where the officer might search their carry on by hand and they may be subjected to a pat-down. This may not happen, since presumably the machines are meant to find anything. But it is possible that a pat-down and hand search occurs, since she does not have an ID.

Overall, she should be able to fly even without an ID. Here,is information on that: This also includes a list of items they can try to bring that would help in identification.

Here is additional information about traveling without an ID, on the TSA Blog:

And here is a list of less common items that can be used as IDs for traveling:, including cell phone pictures of the ID.

All of this should help the traveler get through security and on the airplane for travel.

I hope that helps. Please do not forget to rate my customer service to you before leaving this site. Like you, I want to get credit for doing my job; and you are the only one who can do that for me. So please do not forget to give a positive rating. Thank you very much!

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