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What are my leagle rights as a home owner that ben going threw

Customer Question

what are my leagle rights as a home owner that ben going threw fourcloser for five years and three mouths after I ben orderd to pay my moneys in escrow by a judge because the judge had determand that I did pay the fc sum by the time that the morgage co gave me to bring my morgage current after I was told that by the mo co that they were doing a modification on my home but then fc while waiting for the mod I have 38000 dollars in escrow as of today they have closed the case three differant times now reopend a new fourcloser case to fc my home agan during this time I received a check for elegal fc robo signer found guilty on this case open case to take moneys out of escrow and giving no credit for the moneys just still trying to fc on my home and now putting bogus fees on my acount telling me there mo fees and lawyer fees I havt ben late or mist a payment in 5years three mths since the judge orderd me to pay the courts and my mo co I feel have not giving me justice do I have rights I ask by law do I have rts to catch the payments up and I was told yes so why r the courts not granting my rts I feel as tho wells fargo asc mo co and bww lawgroup and know balt city courts are not being fare or giving me justice I had a deadline that was givin to me by the moco and I met it at a timely fashion as giving to me by st ambrose housing counslers and I met it on may 17 2010 and made 2mo payments after that and they r now fc my home agan under another case what r my rights or do I have any please help thanks desperate needing help thanks.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Irwin Law replied 2 years ago.
Good morning, and thanks for contacting Just Answer. If you have sufficient money on deposit with the court to bring your account current, there is no reason for you to be in foreclosure. You must consider hiring an attorney to negotiate your case directly with Wells Fargo. I suspect that no one has presented your facts to the judge in the first foreclosure correctly. You may not be able to do that on your own. Just Answer cannot act as your lawyer. Y You should not wait another day before hiring a local foreclosure specialist (lawyer) to help you in the new case. If you need a list of attorneys in your county who might be able to help you, send me a Reply. I hope that this answer is helpful and that you will give it a positive rating.