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I have a neighbor who her and her sons (along with the other

Customer Question

I have a neighbor who her and her sons (along with the other renters and the person who rent out the places) watches and harass me. He harassed me on Friday when I am trying to prepare it for sale. I was wearing my Messianic shirt with the Star of David in memory of my father-in-law service in WWII and his loss of family in the holocaust in Poland. The guy loudly commented from their yard (they are renters) that I was insane. I ask if it was because of my shirt. (I am a Jewish Catholic). I said my father-in-law's family died in the holocaust. My father-in-law fought in WWII. The guy came up to the property line and kept saying I was insane. He also said I was insane and I need to go back to the institution. I said that they were Nazi then. I did called the old woman a bitch because she kept heckling. I continued to my driveway trying to do what I was originally doing. They kept heckling. He came over to my property by my bushes and said he was going punch me. They kept heckling. I ended up having to leave my property. Monday--Memorial Day--I tried to trim my bushes, weed and mow early hoping to avoid conflict. He paced back and forward around his fence and house watching me, but trying not to appear to be doing so. He made a comment as I turn opposite direction and said in a sly chuckle that he got something on me ("I have something on you!") like he was going to get me. I had not said anything the whole time I was there. After this comment and continuous pacing, I concluded my mowing weeding and landscaping, and put my tools away. I left. As I was leaving, he jumped in his truck and left too. Is there any way that I can obtain a Protection against Abuse or a type of restraining order? This has not been the only actions done against me by them (the renters and the leaser). Problems has happened ever since I moved there.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 2 years ago.
It is possible to get an order for civil protection against this type of neighbor. However, the standard is very high - you need to show that there is a possibility of imminent physical harm (but from what you posted there may be sufficient additional information that would support such an order).See: can also notify the landlord of this situation (preferably in writing - you don't have to be verbose, just notify them clearly and succinctly of what occurred) and the landlord may be willing to intervene by evicting a troublesome tenant.If you are in fear of imminent harm, please contact the police using 9-1-1.