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State-Iowa , auto title question. I sold a vehicle to someone

Customer Question

state-Iowa , auto title question.
I sold a vehicle to someone several months ago (signed over title) how do I verify if they ever transferred it ? And if they did not transfere it , how do I protect myself against future problems from this matter?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 2 years ago.
You should have completed a notice of sale form and filed it with the DMV, if you have not done this, you should - it will prevent any future liability.A vehicle seller may complete and file form #411107 “Notice of Sale of Vehicle and Delivery of Title” form with the county treasurer of the county where the vehicle is registered certifying the sale or transfer of ownership of the vehicle and the assignment and delivery of the title to the buyer. Upon receipt of the form, the county treasurer will file it with the copy of the registration receipt for the vehicle on file in the treasurer’s office and on that day the treasurer shall note receipt of the form in the vehicle registration and titling system. Upon filing the form, it is presumed that the seller has assigned and delivered the certificate of title for the vehicle. For a leased vehicle, the leasing company or lessee may file the same form to certify that a lease has expired, or been terminated, and the date that the leased vehicle was surrendered to the lessor.A person who has made a bona fide sale or transfer of the person’s right, title, or interest in a motor vehicle and has delivered possession of the motor vehicle to the purchaser or transferee is not liable for any damage thereafter resulting from negligent operation of the motor vehicle by another. The purchaser to whom possession was delivered is deemed the owner.See: