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Tina, Lawyer
Category: Legal
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Experience:  JD, BBA Over 25 years legal and business experience.
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This question is Educator Esq.

Customer Question

This question is for Law Educator Esq. “date of motion order” in #3 of your answer on May 15. Q1) Is it the date on the docket record/schedule?

The order caused me to file NOTICE OF APPEAL. Q2) Is it called “final judgment” - completely disposes of entire case (an order dismissing the whole complaint with prejudice), or granting “summary judgment” as to defendants?

In my case, there are multiple defendants, but only one claim amount. Q3) Is this situation apply the rule (b) of the Supreme Court Rule 301?

Q4) Does “certificate in Lieu” has to do with owning land?

Current Municipal case was transferred from Law because Judge-B said that they handle landlord and tenant cases more frequently. Besides Judge-P who’s order caused me to file appeal in the Municipal, there were Judge-S, Judge-E, and the temporary Judge-G. Not only did the Judge-P appointed court reporter handed me her business card, she also explained that I need to call for the transcript; whereas with the other*****clerks, nor defendants’ attorneys inform me such thing; and I just wondered why were there sometimes court reporters taking dictation of the hearing in progress? Q5) Will other 2 transcripts important to order for the hearing, and how do I know if those court reporters were appointed by the court/judge, or defendants?

Between 5-10 questions per new question. Q6) How many questions are the most you can take?

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal