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A few years ago..... I had a disability hearing and was

Customer Question

A few years ago..... I had a disability hearing and was sabatoged by a doctor. At the time, my psychiatrist told me that what she did was at the very least unethical and I should report her to the board. She diagnosed me with rhematoid arthritis. She said
my blood work was fine but based on my xrays this was her diagnosis. She initially started treating me with anti-immune drugs which gave me infection after infection. After the third upper respiratory, we stopped those meds. I was also diagnosed with graves
disease at about the same time and was dealing with the loss of being able to work because of the damage to my hands (I worked with computers/artistic side) and my sister was dying from cancer at 43 years old. I say this because all this led to my having a
severe depressive episode. While seeing this arthritis doc, I started to abuse the pain killers she was prescribing to me and after just a couple months, she caught on. She refused to see me as a patient and the way I found out was her assistant refused to
give me an appointment and that was that. However, when I went for my disability hearing, I found out she wrote a letter to my lawyers saying that I was NEVER diagnosed with RA and that I was only seeing her to seek drugs. Obviously, she not only diagnosed
it, she treated me for it. When I told my psychiatrist he was infuriated. Said that she had protocols to follow when firing a patient that she didnt follow and for her to LIE to my lawyers was against her oath and to report her. Now I had a recent case unrelated
to any of this.... its years later. Her name came up from the other lawyers and I did not sign any releases. Once again, she notified the other lawyers that I had prior drug problems which looked very bad for me. I want this woman out of my life! How can I
make sure she never interferes with my life again? Is it even legal for her to continue to do this? God.... I tried to get a few more pills for 3 months! I was depressed and my psych said it was self medicating and he helped me with it at the time. I am still
sick but no longer depressed (took many years).
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  wieyedoc replied 2 years ago.
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