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My identical twins were involved in a car accident. According

Customer Question

My identical twins were involved in a car accident. According to the police report, the other party was found 100% at fault. The driver of the vehicle (Older model Lexus) that caused the accident did not yield to on-coming traffic and hit the vehicle (2015 Nissan Sentra) that my daughters were riding in at a high rate of speed. The Nissan was totaled, and the insurance Co paid this claim.
Numerous Police agencies responded to the scene: an ambulance, the Sheriff dept, and three different City police agencies...a report was taken.
Although the injuries were not severe, the daughter in the front passenger seat, hit her forehead pretty hard, was taken to the emerg room, and now has a scar on her face, in the center of her forehead. A key point to consider, the girls do commercials, and modeling, and want careers as actors in the future. I send scanned loads of paystubs to Fred Loya, the Insurance Company to prove they have earned an income in this field.
I obviously have not hired an attorney, as I am trying to settle this on my own.
The girls have been treated by a chiropractor for several months, and the insurance co (Fred Loya) has offered to settle. They have offered the twin in the back seat $2500, and the twin in the front (with the injury) $4000.
My question: How can I negotiate a higher offer for the kids?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
By the way, the twins are minors, age 15. I was not in the car, the driver of the car is 18, the three occupants were the 18-year old dirver, and my 15-year old twins.
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 2 years ago.
Without knowing the extent of the scarring, the extent to which the scar is going to affect her modeling career, the potential career income she would likely have in modeling, cannot tell you for certain.(Unfortunately settlement negotiations are not an exact science, but all settlements are based on the specific facts of the case and it is difficult/impossible to do without all of the file information.If this scarring is going to end a lifetime career in modeling for this young woman, $4,000.00 is not going to be sufficient, but if she is expected to heal and the scar is easily concealed, and will have a negligible impact on her career (or if it is unlikely that she will continue this career), it may be an appropriate figure.Unfortunately without an attorney it is more likely that you are going to be "low balled" (taken advantage of in settlement), but with these soft tissue accidents, there is no guarantee of a large settlement even with counsel (these suits are notorioiusly difficult to settle).