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I recently sent a DHL package to France from switzerland

Customer Question

I recently sent a DHL package to France from switzerland (very short distance ) and it was supposed to arrive last Tuesday as I sent it last Friday (weekend in between) and first they said the package was blocked in the costums then they released after the receiver (my aunt) sent her passport and other informations by email. So I received a call today (Thursday) from DHL Swiss saying that the package has been released and that it would be arrive today. So the day passed and nothing has arrived yet, and I called again and they said it was delivered and signed apparently by my aunt but she hasn't signed anything and the concierge of her building didn't even see the truck of DHL passing from there. And there are cameras that can prove it. So I explained that to them and they said they will get back to be on Monday as tomorrow it's festivity in France and the company will be closed. If they don't find the package can I sue them?
Also when I went to DHL office to bring the two bags the woman working there told me not to put the real value of the bags as they were very expensive (approximately 8000€ each) and she put 1500€ So that I wouldn't have to pay a lot in the customs in case they would keep them. And when I asked if it was a better idea to put insurance on the package, she answered that it was not necessary because as its a short distance for sure they wouldn't loose it. I did not mention any of the things she said (about putting the real value etc) she said them her self. Which as you can see it's obviously less than the real value. If I sue them will I win? For what can I sue them? I'm sure either the currier stole it or it got lost somewhere. Obviously I still have hope they will find it and by Monday I'll have good news, but in case I want to be ready to tell them that I want to sue them. Thank you for the answer
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
Yes, you can sue them if they lost the package, but I am afraid the bad news is that their liability is limited to the declared value of the goods. So while they told you to put a lower amount so you did not have to pay customs duty on the goods (even at the suggestion of their employee), their liability is now limited to only the amount you declared.
Even though their employee told you to declare a lesser value, for you to admit that would mean that you are now admitting to customs fraud as well. So you are limited to claiming only the value you declared and they would indeed be liable to you for that amount if they did lose the package and you prove it was not delivered where they claimed it was delivered.
You can also report it to the Swiss police for theft and they can get the building video to prove it was never delivered as DHL claims and can investigate the driver for theft (as you know he has likely done this more than one time).