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I requested my in surance to be cancelled on 10/17/2012, as

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I requested my in surance to be cancelled on 10/17/2012, as I had another insurance policy starting on 10/18/2012. On 10/17/2012 @ 12:00PM my daughtewr was in a minor accident. On 1018/2013 I received a lawsuit from the passenger in the other car claiming harm... My previous carrier cancelled my coverage effective 12:00AM on 10/17/2012 they have denied coverage and do not plan on handling this matter. I have documents from my previous carrier stating that my coverage ended on October 17, 2012 as well as, confirmation that my request to cancel was effective on 10/17/2012. My intentions were to have my coverage with my previous carrier end at the end of the day (17th) not the beginning.

I hope this message finds you well, present circumstances excluded. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am an attorney with over 10 years experience in handling litigation matters, including representing and suing insurance companies. It is a pleasure to work with you on this matter.


If the insurance company is unwilling to budge and handle this issue (as they clearly should), you are going to have to use a procedural mechanism called impleader, in which you as a defendant effectively sue and bring your former insurance carrier into the suit as a third party.


In that case, you have to file an answer to the law suit against you, but you also file a separate document impleading the former insurer and claiming that they are actually the entity to which liability must rest. Based on your documentation and the common understanding that they were to insure through that last 24 hour constituting the say of October 17, 2012, I think you have a very good shot at shifting the liability, if there is any, to the insurance company and having your attorney costs covered in the process as they would have otherwise been responsible for those attorney fees or providing adequate representation.


Under the circumstances, that is your best, XXXXX XXXXX only option unless you can convince them to accept coverage by the threat of impleading them into the case.


Let me know if you have any additional questions or comments.


Best wishes going forward!

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you!

How do I respond to the suit?

Is the "impleader" process a form???

You must file an answer to the suit that was served on you, answering and denying or admitting the allegations therein. The impleader will be a separate document, but it is not a form that the court will or can provide. You may be able to find a fillable answer form on, and you may also be able to find an impleader filing document on the same site.


If you can afford it, I would urge you though, to hire an attorney to represent you guys and file the documents on your behalf. There can be procedural issues when you represent yourself and are unfamiliar with the customs and procedures of the court. Again, you have a good chance of having your legal fees covered by impleading your former insurance company in the end.


Let me know if you have any additional questions.