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My father is recovering from an illness leaving him (? temporarily)

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My father is recovering from an illness leaving him (? temporarily) unable to conduct his personal business. He has a fund available strictly to cover this situation and I may be asked to be a cosigner. There is a chance My wife may be sued for a completely unrelated traffic accident which occurred several months ago. Is there any danger of the person suing my father's fund

Hello there


Absolutely not. So long as your wife's name is XXXXX XXXXX the account for your father then she has nothing to do with it. Just because you are married to her makes no difference in this situation -- she was in the accident and not you. If there is any property that is in BOTH your name and her name, then her one half of such property can be attached, but other than that, anything that does not have her name on it is safe from any attachment action.




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