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I am writing a book and need a list of titles of criminal charges

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I am writing a book and need a list of titles of criminal charges that could be made against a thirty-five year old married man who takes a non-family member female sixteen year old summer youth intern across state lines on a "business trip", shares a room with her, and has repeated sex with her. This is done without the consent or knowledge to the employer, or the parents of the summer youth intern, who were told that the summer youth person was on a training trip unrelated the man's business trip. The summer intern felt compelled to go due the postiion of the man in the organization and was threatened with loss of position if she did not comply. I do not need statute numbers (i.e. penal code 8.12.23), instead I need the generic titles of the charges brought if the District Attorney were to throw the book at him. I do not need all the lesser included offenses. Your answer might say, statuatory rape, kidnapping etc. Do not worry about difference between State law. I am looking for a genXXXXX XXXXXst only

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'd be happy to answer your questions today.

There are many states where 16 year-olds are legally able to consent to intercourse, and that will change significantly what charges could be brought. So, here is a genXXXXX XXXXXst, subject to the laws in the state where you intend to set your story:
Rape (a person is not charged with "statutory rape" - it's just rape).
Sodomy, if it's not included in the state's general rape laws (and if that happens)
Child molestation
Child abuse
Sexual conduct with a minor
Aggravated sexual assault
Transporting a minor across state lines for illicit purposes
Contributing to the delinquency of a minor

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Thank you. You are going to be paid. I need to know if I change the age to fifteen if it would be more clear from a legal violation standpoint?


It still depends on the state. Take a look at this list.

There are, however, a lot more states where a 16 year old can consent than where a 15 year old can. And, in case it's not complicated enough, there are states where a 16 year old can consent to have sex with some people but not others, depending on how old the man is and whether he's in a position of power over her.

I'm happy to look up any specific state for you, if that would help.

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