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I am finding that I am being gang stalked by local, county

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I am finding that I am being gang stalked by local, county and state law enforcement far more than I expected. I think most are Sheriff and State though since they are so brain damaged. They must be narcotics losers that took to much speed with their anti-depressants/psychotics. Have you or who can you refer me to that has experience with gang stalking? Also, gang stalking using technical surveillance systems that are more like electronic warfare devices. I've read about this type of remote surveillance harassment online, though most of the sources are not of a scientific background and most seem like either confused people like the neutralizers prefer. Who performs expert witness technical surveillance counter measures so I can measure the EMF (actually I can measure now, though is encrypted and comes through the computer as humms... and not the legible sounds I hear in my head. From what I read, they use frequencies that are what the auditory cortex or temporal lobes use so people can't hear the sound always since they layer sounds over existing sounds also. I literally need a quiet room for them to go away and I think they can resonate off my body also... so from what I read... your skull can be an antena. V2K and silent sound spread spectrum are the technologies these meth narco domestic terrorists are using on me. From what I read, this tech is not healthy. Everyone I report to either plays along with them (professional staff everywhere I've been) or does agree though they're lower levels that usually submit to them or play along. Wow, I didn't think I had a chance confessing the technical surveilance... though the more I read... this is becoming very common with law enforcement and at least the Sheriffs Association, NSA or Michigan Militia appears to condone the use of the ELF and ULF systems if that's what they are. I think ULF is what they are using because of the way the technical surveillance emf interaction with the nervous system and those frequencies are what the brain waves operate in. Southwest Michigan is this insane hooker, junkie, hitman hideout of a community. Wow is all I can say. Any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated. Looks like there is a company that will perform technical reinsurance counter measure and analyze all the emf nuisance pollution and report for use in evidence for a criminal and civil conviction of the harassers. Furthermore, the evidence will better substantiate the mental issues I was and am dealing with as being not from my origin... from a or a team of remote handlers origin and causation. What are your thoughts and suggestions?
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.

Unfortunately, this is not something that can be properly dealt with in an online open forum such as this one. You are going to need to engage a local civil rights attorney in your area from one of the major cities to assist you here. The reason for this is that this is a complex matter that requires investigation and even hiring a private investigator who is able to detect surveillance devices because without that evidence it is impossible to prove a case and to know who to bring a case against.

To find a local attorney, please use sites such as or or
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Would a group like the Southern Poverty Law Center be best or is best like you say to use someone from within Michigan's racket? Who is the best for technical surveillance harassment cases involving pedo junkie hedonist gang stalkers in government that solicit the gamete of crimes and civil rights violations?

Thank you for your response.

Southern Poverty Law Center may help, so could the ACLU, but generally it is best to use some local attorney likely from a nearby major city so they do not have connections to those you are complaining about.

I truly aim to please you as a customer, but please keep in mind that I do not know what you already know or don't know, or with what you need help, unless you tell me. Please consider that I am answering the question or question that is posed in your posting based upon my reading of your post and sometimes misunderstandings can occur. If I did not answer the question you thought you were asking, please respond with the specific question you wanted answered.

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Also remember, sometimes the law does not support what we want it to support, but that is not the fault of the person answering the question, so please be courteous.

This is NOT the practice of law nor is it legal advice to you, it is merely educational information for you to use to seek out a licensed attorney in your state to get actual legal advice from them. Please use sites such as or or to find a local attorney to get actual legal advice in all matters.
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