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I just got a ticket for possesion of xanax without a prescription

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I just got a ticket for possesion of xanax without a prescription in another city. Is it possible to change courts and court date? I'm from San Diego and got the ticket it Santa Barbara. First offense with a clean record. Got me down for a misdemeanor. What should I do?
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I assume that you were charged with California Business and Professions Code Section 4040, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription.

Unfortunately, you cannot change where the case is head, as the county where the offense occurred is the only one that has jurisdiction to hear the case.

You also need be present or have an attorney appear on your behalf for your arraignment hearing. I would suggest that you be present.

You can and should apply for a public defender if you qualify. Regardless, you will qualify for a penal code 1000 pre-trail diversion program. As long as you complete it (which is not too hard to do), your conviction will be vacated and eliminated from your record.

The prosecutor may even offer this at arraignment, so it may not be necessary for you to get a public defender or hire an attorney at all. But this is definitely what you want, since it's relatively easy to complete and will give you a clear record again.

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You can read more about the program here.

You plead guilty but your sentencing is deferred.

You take classes for 18 months (hammering home the message that illegal drugs are bad for you and are going to land you in jail or prison if you don't stop taking them).

Then you return after 18 months, having completed the program, demonstrating to the court completion of the PC 1000 program and the charge is dismissed from your record.

The program is easy because it doesn't require you to be under formal probation or drop UAs, like the proposition 36 program does, which is for habitual (more than one time offenders).

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