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My wife and I worked for a Man and his Corp. for 15 years.

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My wife and I worked for a Man and his Corp. for 15 years. In letters to us he considered us family. He has no children only a step son. We was not payed much so we had businesses within the corp. He made my wife POA of him, his health and the Corp. He also put in his will that my wife and I get 1,000,000.00 after his death and the sell of his propertys. He became ill and the step family came in and while he was medicated told him we had left him and that for him to be cared for he had to sign away my wifes POA, and he did. Then they had the Dept of Social Services to do a investigation by giving false alagations. The court droped the investigation but did not reinstate her as POA. As soon as they had him to sign over her off as POA they locked us out of our business on company property and kept our belongings and it has been a year and we have not got them back. My wife had a tax office and they have kept her clients info and computers. We lost our job, our side business, our propertys. We lost our home and everything. What to do.

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You MIGHT have a cause of action in civil court for what is called undue influence. That basically means that these people used a position of trust/advantage to convince (with false information) this person to cut you off. Its a form of fraud.


The best approach is to talk to a local attorney. Most will consult for free. While litigating this might be expensive, if there is $1M on the line, it might be worth it.


I hope this helps.