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i trying to get papers throw out that the workers comp board

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i trying to get papers throw out that the workers comp board of nys is using against me. their agent filled in the answers on the packet not me and the most glaring area is they have me owing money for a quarter when my business hadn't even started. she switch papers on me used and used a page with my signature on it without a date. is that legal


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Affixing a signature page onto documents that were not part of an agreement is fraud. This is definitely not legal. You should raise the issue with the review board, and if necessary file a civil case for fraud. You will need to somehow establish the fraud by providing the correct set of documents that exactly represent what it was that you signed and agreed to.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

there was no copies given to me I just found out about the dates and signature last week. They have numbers on it that weren't obviously my writing plus it has the date of my business of opening as the wrong quarter. they added a quarter that I owed money that my business wasn't even running in. Can I get that paper work thrown out. thanks Jim


You will need to request copies to see what is being used. Right now you don't have anything tangible in your possession to complain about. You can challenge the validity of the documents by proving/stating you did not sign them as described (producing your copy of what you signed), or proving the information is inaccurate based on dates etc.


If they are shown to be invalid you can get them removed from consideration.




Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The agent told me that I cant get copies of the paper work cause it is from an investigation. Can you tell me the options I have and I think I need to hire an attorney


You can subpoena the documents if necessary. It would be best if you get an attorney. An attorney will be able to assist in getting the information you need to defend the action.


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