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had a woman leave a message .her name was Kathryn Jenkins and

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had a woman leave a message .her name was Kathryn Jenkins and that she wanted my attorney's info .Because she was filing charges against me . She did not say wy they were filing with the da. He gave me the phone # XXXXX I called an dwas told that i will be charged with check fraud and it would cost 4,000.00 if i didn't take care of this debt and if i did it would only cost mr 1053.00. Of i was dumb founded and i wanted to know what the debt was for I was told it was a pay day loan on line from a Company called "CASH JAR". in january of 2009. and that they tried to get the funds out of my account and they were unsuccessfull. i

It is more than likely a scam. One of the more popular phone scams is to call people about fake debts that are many years old and use threats to try to get them to pay up. Even if it were real, the statute of limitations on check fraud in California is 3 years, so they couldn't prosecute you even if they were a legitimate company with an actual bad check from you. And a real debt collection agency would generally not use obvious extortion as a tactic.

I would suggest filing a complaint about this company with the information they have given you (the name is XXXXX XXXXX but the number can possibly be traced to the owner) with the Federal Trade Commission. They pursue scammers and press charges if they are able to locate them. You can begin the complaint process here:

Hope this helps.
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