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Is it legal for the city of Kasota where my dad has lived for

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Is it legal for the city of Kasota where my dad has lived for 48 years to all of a sudden take his address away and tell the post office to quit delivering mail to him?
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I need a little more background information. What prompted the City's action ?

What do you mean by taking his address away ?

How did the city tell the post office to quit delivering mail (letter, city ordinance...)
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

If you want to see the property look up on Google maps, 700 n Webster kasota mn 56050


They decided for an unknown reason to change his address after 48 years from 700 n webster to 600?? n rice st, he gets his mail delivered by the post office and if they changed this then he would not get his mail because he lives on webster st. which the street is not there it actually ends about a block and a half away you have to drive down rice st and go across the railroad tracks and then down his gravel driveway about a block is his house, if webster street were to continue on his house would be sitting in the middle of the street. He is right on the very edge of the city limits but he does not get any city water or sewer or anything because he is on the other side of railroad tracks and they have never ran any of this over to him. He is very secluded and the only way anyone can even see his property which is 10 acres and mostly part of the Kasota prairie, (wooded area) is if they walk thru a block long field and stand on the RR tracks or drive down his driveway. He has a bunch of cars down there that belong to him and my brothers and they are not licensed because they do not run for 1 reason or another. They are not junk by any means but they dont drive them so they dont put license on them either. The city is constantly harassing him to get rid of them or get them licensed, and he will not do it because he doesnt believe he should have to, no one can even see them unless they come on his property which he has no trespassing signs up so they shouldn't be there. We think this is just another way to mess with him as they have tried to do about everything to get him to comply and he wont so they keep trying different things to harass him. Anyways so they wanted to change his address and he said no that that would not work because he does not live on Rice st or on the 600 block he is on the 700 block and on webster St. Now for 911 purposes this must be correct they can not make his address something it is not. Since he wouldnt let them do this they said well 700 N webster is not your address and they went to the post office (population 700 people) and told the new post master not to deliver to 700 N Webster any more. and since Feb. 2013 they havent. We are not sure how they told the post office if it were a letter or city ordinance or what. All we really know for sure is the city wanted to change his address and he wouldnt let them and now he recieves no mail. anything sent to him at 700 N Webster gets returned to sender address unknown. Is this not a federal offense?

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The city has no authority to tell the post office to do anything. The post office has federal jurisdiction and the city only has authority authorized by the State. In that respect it may not be illegal, but the post office does not need to comply. You should contact the Post Master general and complain about mail not being delivered to a legitimate address on Webster St. If necessary you may need to escalate up through the postal ranks.

With respect to the cars, the city could force removal of the vehicle as a public nuisance if they really wanted to mess with your father. It doesn't sound like they are aggressively moving forward.

I would also suggest that you speak to the mayor find out what is really driving the address change and see if it makes sense. They may have a legitimate reason.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you i think that answers all my questions. I will write a letter to the post master general right now and let them know whats going on.

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