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I have a case with a debit collector claiming to be a lawyer

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I have a case with a debit collector claiming to be a lawyer for Am-ex. I motioned to dismiss his claim to persue collection on the base I had no proof he was actually a lawyer for Am ex, on the poor way I was served & that he did not provide the original contract of debit when served. My motion to dismiss was denied, so now how do I efile a motion for discovery? Is there a special form? How can I get someone to help me with this? At this point I'm lost.

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What court are you in specifically? (court number, county, city)
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Queens county court in Jamaica queens

Thank you for your response.

A motion for discovery

Here is a guide that may be of help to you:

A Motion for Discovery form is as follows:



COMES NOW DEFENDANT ___________(your name) and files this Motion for Discovery and respectfully XXXXX XXXXX court the following:

1. Plaintiff is American Express who has sued Defendant for __________.

2. Defendant needs documents and information held by the Plaintiff in order to establish its defense.

3. Accordingly, Defendant prays that the court grant it permission to conduct discovery through requests 30 for productions and 10 interrogatories.

WHEREFORE, PREMISES CONSIDERED, Defendant asks this court to grant this motion and authorize Defendant to conduct the above-referenced discovery.

Respectfully submitted,

Your signature.

You print this out, sign it, and send a copy to the Plaintiff's attorney in the mail.

You then need to scan it as a PDF to your computer and follow the instructions on the following page to efile the motion.
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