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I was getting harassed by the dorm manager so I move out. After

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I was getting harassed by the dorm manager so I move out. After that, I was banned from the dorm, even from visiting. The school never gave me an answer why. What can I do if anything?
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This is an unfortunate situation, you should review the colleges student manual to see if they followed proper procedures in the suspension, many times you would be allowed to challenge the suspension.

If you are not given any rights through the student manual, your rights are limited unless you can claim the actions were based on your race, gender, age or other protected civil right.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I don't have the pamphlet with me and I was never suspended. I was warned about having women in my dorm room twice but never banned from the dorm. I have an e-mail from the school president stating that because I am no longer a dorm student I cannot be on that property. It doesn't make since. I can't visit my friends. Why! I drive one hour one way to attend classes. This is not fair. It has cause me to take a Leave Of Absence because of stress. I cannot focus on my school work. Students have off campus visitors all the time.

I would file a grievance with the college administration, it does not seem right, and by making a formal complaint, this could be changed.

Usually the office of student affairs would be the place to go for help.