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We have community organization called Islamic Foundation. We

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We have community organization called Islamic Foundation. We have constitution. It is very simple. Fifteen board members are elected by voting with the paid members and Chairman along with five member executive committee is elected by elected board members. Executive committee and chairman are responsible for the administration of institutions and make polices.

We have two annual gathering with 4-5 thousand members present. Normally it is the responsibility of Chairman to appoint MC for the program. We have one member(x) who has been doing that for many years.

This year during second gathering; Chairman wanted youth to conduct the program. One of the youth he wanted could not conduct the program so he requested me to conduct the program. I have conducted programs last year because (x) was out of town.

Before the program I mentioned to (x) that I will be conducting program today and he did not say much.
During program another board member(y) approached me and asked me why (x) is not conducting the program. I told him “He has been doing it for many years, he needs break and maybe he will do it next year.” Two months ago during our first annual gathering (x) has said to me: “I have been doing it for many years, I need a break. You should do this”

After the program (y) went to (x) and told him why you let A conduct the program. He translated that I told him that (x) asked me to conduct the program. (x) got all upset, started shouting in front of the people that he(x) did not ask me to conduct the program and that I lied.

One another board member (z); who was not even at the meeting requested emergency meeting narrating one sided story. This went to the board meeting. (x) Who is not even the board member has many supporters in the board including his own son. We had a discussion. The friends of (x) had already prepared written resolution before even listening to my story. When they were ready to vote myself and my three supporters left the meeting with leaving nine supporters of (x).

They passed the resolution that I lied and I should apologies to (x) and the board.

They also passed the resolution against Chairman that why he did not inform (x) and board about his decision to let me conduct the program.

We have large community. I am well respected board members in the community and I have been in the board for last 10 years. I have been chairman of the board in the past for three consecutive one year term.
It is very insulting and slandering. Board members were not present there. Can they pass such resolution humiliating board members for just political reasons?

What are my legal options to defend my dignity? I did not lie. I had no reason to lie. I only said he has been doing this for many years; he needs a break. May be he can do it next year.” The board humiliated me for political reasons. (x) was upset because he did not get to conduct the program and found reason to humiliate me in the community.

I am very upset with the board and all three members (x), (y) and (z).

(y) twisted my words and created trouble. I believe they purposely slandered and defamed me.

William B. Esq. :

Dear Customer, thank you for using our service. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I would like to assist you today.

William B. Esq. :

I am sorry to learn of this unfortunate and cruel action by these board members. In order to best assist you, may I ask what specific relief or remedy you are seeking?

William B. Esq. :

Specifically, are you looking for some remedy within the organization (in which case I will need to know what type of organization it is - corporation, LLC, or unincorporated entity), or are you looking to sue these specific individuals for slander and libel?

Customer: I am looking for all the options. It is not for profit organization. I have a copy of constitution.
William B. Esq. :

Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX is not a corporation or LLC, or other legal entity, your options for remedy within the entity will be governed by the terms of your entities constitution or other governing documents. If there is any clause or provision that allows you to remedy such action or requires any corrective action by the board you can petition the board to take that action using either the procedure in the constitution, or defaulting to "Roberts Rules of Order" - but this is not a legal right, it is a remedy entirely under the rules of your entity.

William B. Esq. :

Regarding a legal recourse, you can consider bringing a civil lawsuit for defamation and slander against these individuals in their individual capacity for publishing a false statement to third parties. The only issue that appears in these cases that makes them difficult to prosecute is proving damages - you must show that the false statement caused you damages that can be quantified or compensated financially. But, it is possible to file such a lawsuit in court (you can even file it in small claims court with limited civil procedure and without the need for an attorney).

William B. Esq. :

I hope the above is helpful, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to let me know and I will follow up quickly.

Thank you for using our service, please do not forget to rate my answer when you are satisfied. I am going to transfer our conversation to the "Q&A" format to ensure you can review the entire response (some customers have browser interface issues and I want to avoid any delay) and that I can follow up to any questions you may have quickly. I do wish you the best of luck in this matter.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The financial loss could benifi cult to count but slandering and defamation in thousand of member community is huge. Th purpose is not o gin huge monitory in but o teach the lesson so those oh are involved. What type of suit can be filed and what toe of attorney I should be looking for. How long the process will last.
You are looking for a civil litigation attorney. Civil lawsuits can take up to a year or more (for planning purposes only figure 8-16 months).

You are filing a civil lawsuit for slander and defamation. You will need to include a claim for damages (it can be "nominal" such as $1.00), but damages are a necessary element to this claim.

Unfortunately, I am not permitted to give specific referrals on this forum. I can however give you a couple of sites that will be helpful in locating a local attorney. You can find attorneys on your State Bar Association’s website: (; Martindale Hubble: (; or, on AVVO: (

To keep costs down, I recommend finding an attorney that is working in a small firm or as a solo practitioner. A newer attorney usually charges slightly less than a more experienced attorney, while the more experienced attorneys are usually a little more efficient. In the end, you need to find an attorney that you feel comfortable with, and it is okay to speak with more than one before retaining one.
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