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Is it possible to take legal action against a former subordinate

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Is it possible to take legal action against a former subordinate that I supervised even though I am no longer working in the same organization as the former subordinate? This individual is making untrue statements about me and my professional abilities to former colleagues, people associated with the institution (a college), alumni and benefactors. I see this as simple defamation, and I would like to see her stop this unwarranted attack on my previously unsullied reputation. I am known nationally in my field and have won a number of awards. I am retired from the university but remain active professionally.

Roger : Hi - my name is XXXXX XXXXX I'm a litigation attorney. Thanks for your question. I'll be glad to assist.
Roger : Yes, it is possible to sue and seek damages against this person regardless of whether you still work there.
Roger : You could have a claim against this person for defamation of character and intentional interference with your business. You could seek damages for the damage to your reputation and also for any lost business you can prove is a result of these statements made by this person.
Roger : You can consult a personal injury attorney in your area about pursuing this claim of you choose to proceed.

Should I consult an attorney who specializes in "personal injury?" The ones in the telephone book here seem to want to work on traffic accidents and injuries of a physical nature.


I am also interested in knowing if an attorney could get an order for her to stop her verbal attacks. I am really not so interested in damages as I am in having her stop her vicious attcks on my management skills, professionalism, etc.

Roger : Most personal injury attorneys deal with these types of claims, but business law attorneys would also handle a claim of this nature since you've got claims that would involve lost business profits and damage to your reputatio, which will also likely involve business issues.
Roger : Sure, you could file suit for injunctive relief and a restraining order directing her to stop her actions or face contempt charges.

Thank you so much. I will consult a local attorney and ask for injunctive relief. I should have done this sooner.

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